After signing the Spacelab agreement in 1973, the construction of the first components started in Germany in 1974 by ERNO (later part of EADS Space Transportation).
The pallets, built by British Aerospace, also carried payloads on non-Spacelab flights: the first flew on the second Shuttle mission in 1981 and the last in 2008.
The pallet was a U-shaped platform for mounting instrumentation and experiments in the Shuttle cargo bay, with or without the pressurised module. It was possible to have up to five pallets at one flight, capable of carrying more than nine tonnes of payload.

Other major Spacelab elements include the Instrument Pointing System for sensors needing precise pointing, and a tunnel connecting the pressurised module to the Shuttle cabin. Sofas can be supplied with solid timber seats or loose cushions or fitted upholstered cushion seats or upholstered in lining material or finished upholstery in a material supplied by the customer. As the sofas and day beds are made to order, any of the dimensions can be changed to your own specifications.
The long module had two short segments, extending the length to 5.4 m (plus bulkheads on both ends).

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