You can search by company name and free information includes name, registration date and status. The amount of information available can be quite detailed depending in the legal form of the company but most is in Czech. Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (DCCA)a€?This is the official registry for Danish Businesses. Includes name of a business, trading names, company form, address, contact information, principal line of business. It also provides information on termination, interruption of trade, bankruptcy, liquidation or reorganisation proceedings.
There is also a centralised online point of access for company information through the Unternehmensregister.
The Registry also includes the Bailiwick of Guernsey Intellectual Property Office which administers Trade Mark and Design registrations and activities, and provides information on the Intellectual Property Laws enacted in the Bailiwick. Click on 'Mehet' and type the letters and numbers displayed on the right hand side of the screen into the box provided. The Companies Registry - Isle of Man Government DEDa€?a€?As well as the regulation of Manx companies, the Isle of Man Companies Registry is now also responsible for the administration of legislation relating to foreign companies, limited liability companies, business names, limited partnerships and societies incorporated under the Industrial and Building Societies Acts. There is a searchable directory and free information includes name, registered number, status, entity type (IOM company, business name, foreign company etc.), name type (current, previous), address and date of registration. Company information can be obtained from Infocamere and via the European Business Register (EBR). Free information, (in Norwegian) includes registered number, name, address, telephone, fax, email address, legal form, activity and directors. A free service enabling you to search for companies by KRS number (official company register number) or by name. Creditinfo Romaniaa€?Information on over 600,000 Romanian companies, including shareholders, company address, telephone, company activities, financials, registration number. Contains information business names of corporate bodies (corporations, corporations with unlimited partners, limited liability companies, co-operatives, non-profit associations and foundations) and public-law corporations registered in the Commercial Register. Some cantons provide the full record free of charge however others charge for more than the most basic of details. This site also gives free access to Companies Name and Address Index and the Disqualified Directors database. Information includes company name, registry number, name status, company type, date of incorporation.
The information is then emailed to you (usually within 24 hours) Company status, registration number and date of incorporation are provided free. Free information includes name, address, status, legal form, date of incorporation and directors.
There are no facilities for carrying out direct online searches for companies registered in the BVI but information can be be obtained from the Registry of Corporate Affairs by filling in the relevant form - fee charged.
There is no searchable database but contact details for the Registrar of Companies are provided. The General Registry Cayman Islands enables you to order birth, marriage and death certificates and now has a company search option. Incorporation is the responsibility of the State governments and detailed requirements vary according to State law. Corporations whose shares are to be traded publicly have to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and file their documents electronically with the SEC.
If you are looking for information on non publicly traded companies, you will have to know where it is incorporated. Provides free access to public information maintained by the Secretary of State's office in electronic format. Alaska Division of Occupational Licensing a€?Free searchable database providing name, registered number, legal forma, status, date of creation, agent name and address, names and address of directors, officers, members and managers. Information available includes name of corporation, filing number, type, status, address, agent and officers names. Free searchable database providing name, ID number, agent name and address, status, form, formation date and filed documents as PDFs. You can also view 'events' and 'name history' as well as documents such as annual reports as TIFF files. You can also view documents such as articles of incorporation and biennial reports as TIFF files. Basic business entity information including name, status, location, agent, file number, SOS (Secretary of State) registration date, and taxpayer ID.A  You can search by file number, tax ID or entity name. The information available includes name, entity ID number, status, agent and officers names. An electronic network and portal site enabling users to access and retrieve information directly from the European Business Register national corporate registers and other unaffiliated national companies registers. Companies have to be entered into the commercial register kept with the relevant district court, where they can be viewed by the public.
Maintained by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Biznet, this site provides access to the Register of Business Entities. Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (DCCA)This is the official registry for Danish Businesses. The joint portal of the federal states for Internet register information provides a standard interface to the registers of the federal states.

The company directory can be searched free of charge and provides name, registered number, address, status, date registered, last and next annual return date, and last accounts date.
The Companies Registry - Isle of Man Government DEDAs well as the regulation of Manx companies, the Isle of Man Companies Registry is now also responsible for the administration of legislation relating to foreign companies, limited liability companies, business names, limited partnerships and societies incorporated under the Industrial and Building Societies Acts. The Italian Chambers of Commerce, which operates the national system linking Italy's Chambers of Commerce. This area of the Jersey Financial Services Commission provides access to information in the Companies Registry. Provides information about all enterprises, public organisations and foreign company agencies registered within the territory of Latvia including their managers, shareholders fixed capital and annual accounts. Creditinfo RomaniaInformation on over 600,000 Romanian companies, including shareholders, company address, telephone, company activities, financials, registration number. Information includes Company Name, registered number, registration date, legal form, business activity, address and a list of deposited documents.
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There are times when it pays to find out more regarding a bin database, that is why it is sensible for you to perform a bin database search. If you wish to form an offline bin database search, then there are packages available that embody the BIN or Bank Identification Number to a particular country.
It is also possible to go for the net possibility in that case the bin database search data or the web package will be supplied with every feature and every one files from the offline package will be sent to you. The key that is provided can be alphanumeric that means that it will contain each letters and digits and it will conjointly offer you a chance to perform as many as twenty thousand lookups in an exceedingly given year from the date of your purchase.
The company that sells the bin database search package can conjointly surely give you with a mean to update the information.
For those customers that select to purchase the web bin database search package, the nice news is that they can receive an API key usage counter that's distinctive and that can be reset to confirm that the same key's used frequently once more. In some cases, the company could conjointly sell you (along with the web bin database search package) a foreign API access to Bin2country XML validation. BIN or Bank Identification Number that constitutes the primary six digits of the cardboard is an important tool to stop financial fraud and to facilitate the bank bin lookup. Selection of a good bank bin lookup tool is absolutely essential for a fine and correct bank bin lookup. The ability to automatically filter out the potential leads to case of a doubtful entry is an added advantage to any bank bin lookup tool. Some bin databases will be linked to the accounting software thus that when in case of a discrepancy, the transaction can be stopped. Any fraudulent transaction can result in a chargeback and a high chargeback ratio is undesirable for the growth of the business. Lastly if you happen to return across any card which has been discovered to be a case of identity theft or fraudulent transactions, do not forget to update in this bin database since this could be of valuable data.
Company documents can be ordered for a fee and payment is by credit card or deposit account. You can search the database free of charge and you can also view company name, address, registration number and company type. Free information includes company name, number, date incorporated, status, entity type, annual return filing month, previous names, address, directors' names and addresses, former directors and a list of available documents.
The Registrar is allowed to release only the name and type of company, the date of registration, and the address of its registered office. The amount of information available on a company also varies and, in some cases, you may find data to be virtually non-existent. There is also a list of reports and documents that have been filed and the more of these can be viewed as PDFs free of charge. Information includes name, address, status, legal form, filing date, when last annual return was filed, agent and corporate officers (corporations only). Information provided includes name, alternative names, number, status, address, date created, agent, officers names and addresses. Information includes name, address, tax year end, date of incorporation, date of last annual report, agent, entity type, status. You can also restrict your search to a category such as limited partnership, bank corporation, local independent church. Information provided includes ID number, name, status, primary owner, address, amendments, agent, date of formation and filing dates. Information provided includes name, ID number, type, agent, address, incorporation date, year of most recent annual report. Information includes name, ID number, entity type, original date of filing, status, date of last annual return, address. Information includes name, charter number, type, status, address, creation date, agent, officers and directors.

Information includes name, type, ID number, status, date of creation, address, date of filing of last annual report, agent. Free information includes name, registry number, type, status, address, agent, officers, name history and list of filed documents.
Additional information on principal individuals associated with the entity incurs a small fee. Information includes name, status, file number, incorporation date, agent, officers names and description. Information includes name, type, date of incorporation, addresses, officers, name change information, mergers, subsidiaries and a list of filed annual reports. Information includes name, ID number, type, status, address, initial filing date, agent, officers and directors. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. There are 2 choices available for you and these can embody offline searches and online searches. In addition, you'll conjointly receive personal API keys that can facilitate your when you would like to perform XML lookups via remote access. In case it becomes necessary to create additional lookups then you will need to put another order for the additional ones. The updates regarding the bin database search package are emailed to you thrice among a year. Some companies also give extra features like letting you build your customizable verification software.
Similarly, when you get an on-line bin database search package you can also get remote API access to BIN2IP XML validation. The tool should be updated frequently, technically compatible with different system security software and simple to use. This will forestall from returning a ton of junk pages from which the user should filter out manually the attainable solutions.
Upon clarification, the transaction will either be cancelled or allowed to proceed based on the results of bank bin lookup.
An effective bank bin lookup tool protects the business from falling into surprising charge backs and hence can efficiently allow the smooth run of the business. Such identity thefts can indeed be the tip of iceberg for major crimes and your contribution will really create a difference. You can also view free of charge any scanned company documents that have been made available. Documents such as annual returns, articles of incorporation are available online as TIFF files.
You can also view a list of filed documents, the more recent of which are available as PDFs.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Whether you choose the web choice or the offline option, you need to perceive why an effective bin database search will sway be very beneficial.
Furthermore, the IP to the database of the country can then be mailed to you in an archive. This will be done by using the company's distinctive files which are provided to you with the bin database search package. There isn't a lot of price difference between the offline bin database search package and the online bin database search package. The number and contents of fields in a bank bin lookup tool could vary but usually most bank bin lookup tools give results in an eleven field format with common details like issuing bank, name of the country, name of the bank, web site or contact details of the bank, nature of transaction permissible etc. Typically free bank bin lookup databases rely on pc generated information with no thorough details.
This allows the merchants to feel assured concerning managing their finances well since the system does the role of a sensible firewall preventing fraudulent transactions.
If you opt for such a manner of constructing a bin database search, then be certain to feature the email address of the sender to your inbox.
The nice news is that the bin database search package updates are provided during a manner that ensures that you won't have to try and do any formatting on your own. Some bin databases contain an enormous number of records and a few others are restricted in nature.
But there are certain bin databases that get the small print from merchants who method card payments, banks and financial institutions issuing the cards etc.
If the spelling of country or issuing bank varies widely the filtering feature cannot be of use. This can guarantee that you'll easily receive the mail when the bin database search info is emailed to you.
Such results might be more accurate even to ninety ninepercent since the information is from reliable sources.

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