Google has finally given the Android version of Hangouts the ability to make and receive calls using your Google Voice number. This is great news if you want to make free calls using WiFi or are using an all-IP mobile operator like FreedomPop. With the GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with Can you answer these Calling Codes and questions? Calls to US and Canadian landline and mobile numbers are free, as are calls to other Hangouts users anywhere in the world. The Hangouts update is being rolled out gradually over the next couple of days so you may not see it yet (I didn't).

Enter the phone number in the search field to find the caller with the prefix (093) 937 - is primarily in Little Falls, New Jersey, and includes 345 phone numbers . The Hangouts documentation says there should be a "Send SMS from" option in the SMS portion of the Hangouts menu.
But the option's not there for me  and all my texts for being sent using my mobile number. The old Google Talk option is still there but disabling it doesn't stop calls from going to Hangouts. Enter your phone number below for more information View source of information for the prefix 937 (139) 937 - is primarily in Little Falls, New Jersey, and includes 345 phone numbers.

You can disable calls from going to Hangouts using a setting that'd deeply buried in the Hangouts app.
Reverse phone lookup for phone numbers in the 937 area code 937 area code Find any caller's name, address, email, and photos. According to posts on Google's public Hangouts help forum it's because Google hasn't completed the integration of Voice and Hangouts for most user's accounts.

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