It has been developed to establish a clear Network Boundary Point of where the Telcoa€™s responsibility finishes and the owner starts.
All wiring from the customer side of the Network Termination Device into the premises is the responsibility of the owner.
All wiring from the carrier side of the Network Termination Device towards the telephone exchange is the responsibility of Telstra regardless of who your provider is as they own the infrastructure. The Network Termination Device has the capacity to be fitted with a DSL Central Filter, referred to as a DSL line module and is highly compatible for ADSL2 and ADSL2+.

The Network Termination Device or NTD is also able to be fitted with additional line modules including Standard Line Modules for customers not requiring a Central Filter. These line modules are individually fitted with an RJ 12 test socket for people who want to do their own basic testing. When a modem or phone is plugged into the module, the premises will automatically be isolated allowing the client to connect straight into the Telstra network. The NTD is a light brown plastic box that is embossed with the wording Telstra and NETWORK TERMINATION DEVICE on the front cover.

If you are using the test socket on the NTD and have noticed a phone line fault or ADSL line fault, you will need to call your provider.

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