IMEI refers to the unique number that is assigned to all mobile phones around the world, and it stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Before you purchase an Unlock Code for your cell phone, we ask that you please provide the IMEI Number, along with the Model, Service Provider and PRD number (PRD for Blackberry only). Please make sure you provide the correct IMEI number and enter it in this format (123451234567890) before adding your product to the checkout cart.
I purchased a bb 2nd hand set (edge 8310) while I was trying for activation from blackberry.

HELLO, can you please tell me how to get the IEMI number on my HTC Rhyme so I can get the unlock code from you. Unlock BlackBerry & Other SmartphonesTechnology & expertise to deliver mobile phone services & SIM unblocking on global networks.
Online IMEI UnlockingBlackBerry & Smart Phone IMEI unlocking is quick with our generator.Varies by brand, network provider, & country the phone is locked on. I have tried taking off the back of the phone and looking for it under the phone, but the battery is permanently in the phone it seems like.

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