Question for all you guys, I currently have Z5500s with onboard (my Auzentech X-Fi Forte just died).
To pick up your voice mail messages remotely or from a mobile phone, you simply dial a 10-digit access number, enter your password, and follow the prompts. Dial 310-9898 within Canada, or Dial your business phone number (including area code + phone number) and press “*” during the greeting, and then enter your personal password. Methods of payment: cash, cheque, money order, interact, direct deposit, Visa or Mastercard.
If your call to your MLA is long distance, please dial 310-0000 then the area code and the phone number you would like to reach in order to receive toll free access.

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Is the finish pretty durable? Bass is pretty good - it seems to be accurate (not sloppy). And thanks to feedback from customers like you, we're building a world-leading online experience. One thing I like about them is that they have subs built in which reduces wiring and saves space under my desk.
I picked up a pair of DS2 speaker stands to angle it towards me and also reduces the vibrations in the desk at higher volumes.

TELUS makes setting up and managing your toll-free numbers easy with call management reports, the ability to limit coverage areas and a wide range of features.

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