Don’t miss out on the great benefits of verifying your phone number or email address in your account settings! IM+ is another IM app I used to use on iOS before I made the jump to Android a few years ago.
Formally known as Google Talk, Hangouts was Google’s attempt at bringing all their messaging platforms into one place.
You may also open any existing conversation and select the phone icon to launch the dial pad.
Interested in finding out if your friends are also textPlus users so you can both text and call for free? If you don’t have either a verified phone number or email address, you can still create an account with a username. I remember when I used to use it on my iPod Touch before I made the jump onto the OG Droid in 2009.

Just looking at it on the Play Store, over 200 thousand people have +1’d it on Google+.
It was a really nicely designed app, and when it made it’s way to Android it brought the Android design guidelines with it.
While some of us are still heavy users of text messaging (SMS) many people use Instant Messaging instead.
Textplus basically gives you a separate number from your phone number and allows anyone to text it. Although the screenshots on the Play Store look like the Developer is using a Honeycomb device.
It offers free HD voice calls, free messaging, group chat, chatrooms, free push notifications and much more. It makes it easy to communicate with other AH staff members, especially since we are all in different parts of the world.

There’s over 150 million people using Nimbuzz, so it must be a pretty good service, right? Either way, it’s still a popular multi-platform IM service that features video calls. Kik is just like any other IM service out there, it allows you to send messages to other people, have group chats and more. So I can reply to my friends and family while I’m in another app without having to leave the app and go back to it.
Well now those services have kind of been left behind, and we have plenty of new ones to use.

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