Please note that photographs may not accurately represent the number of items per package, the size, or color, or features of a product. Mentioned company names, trademarks, brands, logos, product pictures and specifications in the content of these web pages are copyright and owned or controlled by the respective companits or entities. You will need to stick it beneath mini VBAR to avoid vibration issue as according to the test, the vibration from engine will affect mini VBAR working. However, 30~37 class helicopter engine has less and less demands on market, the accessory supply became lesser as well, especially muffler.

There are some suppliers continuing to produce 30 class muffler, just they are most in Japan.
If you are purchasing NX4, remember to buy NX4 fuel power combo pack (Item number: 313900) together!
Auxiliary fuel tank has to be full-fuel without air all the time, and it will keep refueling to main fuel tank.
When you see the fuel in auxiliary tank is reducing, you have to landing as soon as possible!

The grey button has indicator light inside, it will flash few seconds after pressing and then LED keeps on for 15 seconds, which means normal ignition.

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