The information contained in this site is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Relay part numbers, both original and replacement (including aftermarket where available), are now in a PDF, which also contains relay pin diagrams.
Warm-to-the-touch wires are not at all unusual in these cars, due, in part, to the way they were wired at the factory.
Wiring diagrams can be found in the Bentley Service Manual as well as the Haynes Repair Manual. NOTE: Only Cabriolets equipped with Digifant I engines have the OBD I diagnostic port; furthermore, an OBD II diagnostic tool cannot be used to pull fault codes from an OBD I system unless it has an adapter!
Check for voltage at the power window control unit (located beneath the dash, passenger side; key to battery-on position). Whether you are upgrading your headlights or not, it is a very wise idea to relay the headlights. 1987 to mid-1989 (up to VIN K-009000)Same switch as above, but with modern light symbol (i.e. If you are installing city lights on a North American Cabriolet, wire the lights to the stock wiring based on how you want the lights to be used.
If you're installing Euro bumper lights that include city lights, you'll need to splice the two ground wires together prior to wiring them to the car's brown ground wires.
Canadian Cabriolets built from 1990-1993 have hard-wired day-time running lights (DRLs) from the factory, as Canadian law requires DRLs. To program the variable feature: "Pull the lever into the intermittent position, and, as the wiper does it's sweep, click back into the stop position, if you want a 3 second gap, then wait 3 seconds, and click back into the intermittent position. If ^that doesn't work: "Pull the stalk towards you to (for windshield washers) while the wipers are set to intermittent.
The dual-tone horns are mounted to a bracket, which is mounted to the front left frame rail. The above table is for reference only and may not be 100% accurate as the information is based on the VW parts catalog.

Click here for a manual supplement containing relay & fuse diagrams, relay panel pin-out schematics, and a guide to reading current flow wiring diagrams.
Please use the Bentley Service Manual wiring diagrams for complete wire routing for your particular car.
Many theories still persist about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and no definitive clues have surfaced. If the MH370 black box isn’t found in the next 12 days, it may not be found for several years — if ever. The BBC created a graphic showing where the black box was mounted on the Malaysia Boeing 777-200. That doesn’t mean the data saved within the device will be lost after the battery runs out, but it does mean the pinging, or the active sonar, will stop. Marks said black box pingers are generally not that powerful, emitting sound for only a few thousand meters. Naval Systems Sea Command spokesman Chris Johnson told TheBlaze that the Navy has used different variations of the TPL for roughly 20 years to find military aircraft wreckage and black boxes — which are actually painted either orange or yellow in color so it is easier for recovery crews to spot. It took search teams two years to locate and recover the flight recorders from the Air France Flight 477 crash into Atlantic in 2009. An aviation expert who spoke to TheBlaze but asked not to be identified because his employer is closely tied to the flight investigation said the chain of custody for the black box may not even be established yet if it is found in the next few days.
Best case scenario: the Malaysia Flight 370 recorder will continue to ping for several additional weeks, and new information will continue to narrow the investigation site, such as a French satellite possibly finding 122 pieces of new debris. The faster the Navy can get the TPL in the water, the better odds that the black box will be found. If the Navy does get a vector and search area with good leads on the wreckage, they also have an active sonar system, called the Bluefin-21, that has side-sweep capability which can get a picture of the ocean floor.
If the flight data recorder is found along with the rest of the plane, it will be brought up to room temperature, dried out and then the flash memory is downloaded “so the information can then be extrapolated for the investigation,” the Honeywell spokesman said.
Boeing spokesman Doug Alder told TheBlaze that the company would not reveal which manufacturer built the specific black box on Malaysia Flight 370, but that Boeing does have representatives assisting in the search as technical advisors to the National Transportation Safety Board and will assist in the recovery of flight data when the flight recorder is found.

What Happens When Jews, Christians and the Unreligious Are Asked About Morality of Polygamy, Abortion and Homosexuality? The clock to save any potential survivors began ticking the moment the flight sent its last radar signal March 8. And in the Boeing 777-200, the minimum expected battery life for this black box model is 30 days. This will make it incredibly difficult to find the wreckage, even with a sophisticated listening devices the U.S. The TPL-25?s “listening” radius is just 2 miles — one mile in either direction, and the passive hydrophone system is towed at approximately 3 knots about 1,000 feet off the sea floor. The cockpit voice recorder will maintain the last two hours of audio in the cockpit, and the flight data recorder records the last 25 hours of flight information. But the locator won’t even go in the water until the Australian government gives the go-ahead, similar to the air-tasking orders it is coordinating now for the aerial search effort. However, it's wise to verify your relays using the relay part numbers listed below, especially for the 1980-1982 cars.
If your car has factory-installed heated seats, the relays for this option are under each front seat. If your car has a factory-installed 2-stage after-run cooling fan system ('88+), the relay for this fan is mounted to the left front fender.
If your car has factory-installed power windows, there is a control unit beneath the dash on the passenger side. If your car has a factory-installed power top, there is a covered thermo-fuse above the relay panel. If your car has factory- or dealer-installed daytime running lights, there is most likely a relay attached to the top of the panel (not shown in the diagrams).

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