Let All Seals put our engineering experience to work for you in order to design cost out of your parts. All Seals custom-molding capabilities encompass all three processes – transfer, compression and injection molding.
Compression molding is often chosen for medium hardness compounds – in high volume production, or applications requiring particularly expensive materials. The overflow, or flash, created by larger diameter parts is of particular concern when using the more expensive compounds.
Transfer molding differs from compression molding in that the material is placed in a pot, located between the top plate and plunger.

We will leverage our materials and manufacturing knowledge to propose a cost effective solution for you. We select from among these methods based on a number of key factors, including: the size and shape of the part, the hardness, flow and cost of the material, and the anticipated number of parts to be produced.
The material is squeezed from the pot into the cavity through one or more orifices called gates, or sprues. The material is heated to a flowing state and injected under pressure from the heating chamber through a series of runners or sprues into the mold. Heat and pressure are applied, causing the compound to flow, filling the cavity and spilling out into overflow grooves.

The pre-load, however, can be difficult to insert in a compression mold of more complex design, and the compression molding process does not lend itself to the material flow requirement of harder rubber compounds. Injection molding is ideal for the high volume production of molded rubber parts of relatively simple configuration.

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