Are you planning to pursue a post-secondary degree in Accounting, Commerce or Business Management? Find out more about the WWO…Friday, May 6thJust a friendly reminder to all of our client’s that our office will be closed on Friday, May 6th for a well deserved rest! The PAYE Department of Revenue assists the taxpayers by providing tax related information, tax administrative notices etc.
PAYE is a state government funded corporation which concerned with various tax related services like processing technology, negotiated incentives, data collection and return processing.

PAYE Services and AccessPAYE is a government corporation which collects tax from the public and employess.
PAYE provides the access to the online services for the tax like checking the status of refund, entity tax, bills, tax reports etc. Paye provides the tax code is determined by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) which based on the employee's expected tax allowances. The main purpose of the tax revenue is used for providing the various necessary services to the customers for the future.

The PAYE department provides the complete information about tax, refunds, balance and payments etc. PAYE provides the online service of tax and provides full information about revenue records to the customers.

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