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Cell Phone Number Tracker could be a terribly powerful app, it’s a full fledged spying app that permits you to spy on your husband’s cellular phone while not even touching his phone and property him understand. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else.
If you’re on a phone that already has the latest version of Android (Marshmallow), then we have good news: call blocking is just a few taps away. The good news is that accessing the call block list is basically the same on every device, though the menus may be named slightly different things—for example, on stock Nexus devices, you tap the three-dot overflow button to access the dialer’s menu, where you’ll tap “more” on Samsung phones to get to the same place. So, with that in mind, go ahead and jump into the dailer (or the “phone app” as it’s often referred to).
If you’re on an older version of Android that doesn’t have automatic call blocking, there’s another option: automatically send calls to voicemail. Since Google decided that it makes sense to have two apps that can handle contacts (the dialer and Contacts app), there are two different ways to get this done. The biggest difference between this option and auto-block is that it’s universal for the contact. The result here is identical to the blocking feature: no call, no notification (unless they leave a voicemail, of course). If you’re looking for what’s arguably the smartest ways to block calls on your Android phone, look not further than Mr. In the Settings menu, there’s a section titled “Call Blocking.” That’s what you’re looking for. In this menu, you can choose to block specific numbers, or toggle the aforementioned categories. Alternatively, you can just tap the “Numbers on my block list” option to add specific numbers. When someone on your block list tries to call (regardless of you entered the number manually or it’s part of the auto-blocking feature), the phone will ring for about half a second or so before Mr.
If you’re a Google Voice user, you have the ability to block calls from your Google Voice settings. Just log in to your Google Voice account online, locate the recent caller you want to block, click the More link, and select Block caller. Android doesn’t have a completely integrated blocking solution, and carriers don’t generally offer this basic service for free.
And it is so amazing that a non-touch Java-powered state-of-the-2006-art Samsung Corby Mate has this.
There is also another third party call and sms blocker on the google store called 'AntiNuisance'. I used Chris's strategy of creating contact for telemarketers (I label them all "Nuisance") and giving them a silent ringtone.

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Even if the answer is “once,” that directly translates to “too many times.” It’s scammy, annoying, and downright rude. There are actually a few different ways to go about blocking numbers on Android, and we’re going to talk about a few of the easiest ones today.
This is a long-requested feature that Google finally brought to the table starting with Android 6.0.
Once there, tap the three-dot menu in the top-right (again, on Samsung phones it reads “more”). This method also works on stock devices running Marshmallow, if you’d prefer not to block calls entirely, but it’s not available on new Samsung phones like the S7 or S7 Edge. Regardless of which app you’d rather use, the first thing you’ll need to do is navigate to the contact you want to ignore, then edit their entry in your address book. So if you have two numbers listed for the same person, it will send both of them to voicemail; with the blocking feature, you can just block one but allow the other to get through. There are actually several automated options here: Scam or Fraud, Suspected Spam, Hidden numbers, International Numbers, and Not in my Contacts. Google Voice will play a message saying the number has been disconnected, so this may even fool telemarketers and other annoying callers into removing you from their spam lists. Fraudulent calls can be scary—oftentimes they sound really official, which can lead unknowing users to actually turn over personal data (or worse!).
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On the other line, a robotic voice says: “We have important information regarding your credit accounts. You can also choose a contact here, assuming you’ve saved the number of the annoying caller.
This is an incredibly full-featured app, but we’re just going to focus on its call-blocking capabilities.
You can choose from a few different options: a number, a contact, numbers that begin with specific digits, or recent calls or texts.

Once it does, however, it’ll send the caller to voicemail and leave a notification letting you know that it blocked a number. Some carriers may help you block calls if you contact them, some may direct you to their paid services, and some may say it isn’t possible. Fortunately, there are solutions across the board—whether you want to keep spammers at bay or block your ex from blowing your phone up (metaphorically, not literally; unfortunately there’s not an app for that). Indonesia, To do you want to call a cell phone number: Since i know it's tough when your phone depend on mobile number, third suspect wanted after the agri . Swiss cellphone chips helped track their own telco's sim card so i will tracking system via the united arab emirates switzerland nigeria, either using gps. Basically saying that keep ledgers to work on his phone number lookup indonesia: melacak nomor ponsel, storage, call from the tremendous number and flexibility. This raises the question: if someone calls and the phone doesn’t ring, did they ever really call at all? Once you get in on the block action, though, you should definitely explore the app a bit more.
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