BlackBerry phone tracker apps are designed to help you retrieve your stolen mobile, or in the case you misplace your phone. The location feature of BuddyGuard sends the coordinates of your mobile phone so that you can alert the police and get it back.
There are also some basic version features that may come in handy to you when your phone is missing. One of the advanced features of this BlackBerry app aside from the ability to track your stolen phone, is that it allows you to erase the data on your device remotely.
This one of the BlackBerry stolen phone apps has a range of features that will enable you to find and get your device back.
The message display feature allows you to provide your contact details to the person who has your phone. The 23-year-old victim's phone was stolen from his car in Fairfield, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham, said Fairfield Police Chief Leon Davis.
The tracking app led the victim to a church parking lot near Miles College late on Sunday, Davis said. The man is believed to have "arrived on the scene and hit a button on the app that made the phone ring inside a vehicle," the police chief said in an interview. The case illustrates the danger of people trying to apprehend cell phone thieves on their own with the help of tracking apps, Davis said. The mention of phone tracking evokes images of lost phones never recovered, phone tracking apps, network intervention and a plethora or other such diverse niceties.
The tracking software can be flashed off before anyone uses the phone, leaving only the network option available.
For devices with tracking apps, even with the tracking smses coming in from different numbers as the phone is changing hands, the justice of it requires a little bit more effort and dedication than the average phone owner can amass. Where the network is cooperating, it is the police who should request and receive the information. Unlike current insurance products for devices, the emphasis of Swindle is on recovery, and reimbursement is only done where chances of recovery are significantly low. Part of the current frustration especially with police cooperation is because we cannot all be equally persistent. Also the idea of insurance is very comfortable for owners of expensive gadgets such $1,000 tablets. What the networks must is come together and have a black-list database of stolen phones this will reduce the market for stolen phones since they will not work on any zimbabwean network.
The networks get their money from cellphone usage, so, more phones active on your network means more moolah.

I think to a certain extent, these guys are reluctant to switch off the stolen phones because it potential income for them.
Absolute has stated building-in the tracking component that will track and report on the status of the stolen phone, it gathers intelligence and evidence on the user and reports back to the user or to our monitoring centre.
They have the same technology for laptops which cannot be circumvented and we have used it to secure, track and recover machines in Zimbabwe and Zambia.
We are currently in talks with a local insurance company to bundle this tech and make a very low premium insurance package for the Zimbabwean market.
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This will cost you dearly and will leave you without your favorite gadget and important information. The basic features are useful, but ONLY the advanced edition allows you to track your phone.
You can lock your mobile phone remotely and have your contact details displayed on the screen. It comes at a fixed price which you pay only once ( USD 4.99) just like its counterpart described above. This is a particularly useful feature which may open room for negotiation with the person who has the device.
The Wheres My Phone Pro app is a bit more comprehensive with the contact data retrieval function being one of the most useful additional features.
The suspect has not been arrested but police have "very good leads" as to his identity, he added. These are all there to solve the single problem: should I lose my phone (due to theft or forgetfulness) how can I find it?
This is usually quite difficult as the police will be overwhelmed with higher profile cases of robbery and car theft.
Swindle investigates the conditions of loss and determines if device can be quickly recovered.
One organisation requesting for documentation from the police will likely get quicker responses than 45 individuals requesting the same service every day. Lost my iPhone in the evening when i stepped out of the car and only noticed it when i got home. Most original computer manufacturers have already partnered with Absolute to the effect that all the computers will ship from their respective factories with the tracking component already installed.

In the case of a forgotten phone, one left in some office of a not so close acquaintance, all one needs is the last known location then buzzing will take it from there.
However, the hassle involved and the efficiency of the recoveries is nothing to sing home about. The upside of this type of insurance is that it will definitely have lower premiums (because there are chances of recovery and sale of the second hand recovered handsets), and its existence would create a positive inclination towards buying from traceable sources. The purpose of this bottleneck is so that people are thorough before subscriber information is accessed.
I do not have faith in any application to recover my phone and have always taken the insurance route. Logged into my Laptop and iCloud and was able to locate it along Lomagundi road, drove there in the evening and found it exactly where it said the phone was. What will then need to happen is for the owner to activate the tracker and when the computer gets stolen, even after having been formatted etc, the tracker would still report. In Zimbabwe, some mobile networks offer to search and find the phone by finding subscriber details of the sim using a supposedly stolen phone, and this if the owner provides a police request signed by an officer commanding district. Having a centralized hub for all stolen phone would create a stronger bargaining position with all mobile networks resulting in significant cooperation from them when tracking a stolen device. Nothing would appear more thorough than an organization dedicated to investigation and holding some documented proof of ownership.
This is great but the problem is it only works if the thief is using the phone on that specific network during the period of search.
1 minute later it was off and though I tried using the Samsung online trace system, it did not work.
But am glad about having that phone and my current one auto backup everything into my Google account when I connect to wifi. This helped the policeman who went to the location after getting the details of the owner of the line. I will grieve for 2 minutes for the loss of the hardware but know that in a week i will have another handset to use without the loss of any data.

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