Integrating VoIP through API commands into CRM, Workflow and other systems is becoming more and more popular. By adding Click to Callfunctionality to your system, you can vastly increase productivity and ease of business. Our REST HTTP API commands for VoIP allow swift and seamless integration into a variety of applications, including, but not exclusive to: Ms Access, SalesForce, SAP, Siebel, Oralcle, Act!, Goldmine, Zoho, or any browser based application.
A core function of this VoIP API suite is to ability to click "Dial" on your system and call the customer on screen. When you have finished your call, you are able to use our hangup VoIP API command to terminate the calls from your screen allowing ease of use.
As additional specification we are able to implement an API call to transfer calls to ther other extensions inside or outside your system. The additional specification of call pickup allows you to use the system to pickup another ringing extension when you use the VoIP API command. Customers can reach and communiate with your business to a far greater degree allowing enquiries to be handled faster and with greater ease. Click to Dial functionality allows great productivity and ease of business for your team members. Hosted Teleephony is a highly cost effective phone system which removes layers or cost and allows enterprise level communication without the cost of onsite equipment.

If you offer technical support, this communication method allows seamless contact between support advisors to allow faster respone to enquiries and a collaborative behind the scenes approach. Saffwood Communications were able to quickly understand our needs and provide a perfect fit solution which allows us to dial from our CRM. Saffwood knows what it takes to deliver world-class VoIP and hosted communication services with a team of experts for sales, customer care and technical support. Saffwood's privately owned and locally managed infrastructure crosses six global data centres, with data crossing five Tier-1 carriers.
Saffwood uses its experience to react to the things businesses really need from their telecoms. A great advantage of Hosted phone systems is that no matter where you move to, you just unplug your phones and PC's, move then plug them back in.
You get unlimited cutomer care and technical support as well as dedicated account management.
We can supply you with best practice documentation, or you can utilise one of our in-house developers. Users can also run an API for basic call reporting including number of calls made, received, answer and failed.
We used a standalone CRM system and needed a phone system which would improve outbound and inbound call handling, as well as integrate into our system.

This is vastly improved working conditions for staff, and allowed us to make more calls immediately.
Every product is developed to the highest standards, creating feature-rich services that deliver tangible value.
So if you have an upload speed of 1MB, this can carry 10 calls Voice compression also allows us to reduce the voice packet to 35K allowing more calls at once.
We arrange a short training session via webshare to talk you through the communications suite.
Companies such as IT support, call centre and customer service business use Unified Communications a lot. Once triggered, a call to your phone is made from our system to check your available, and when answered, makes the call to the number on screen. There may also be a development charge if you need us to integrate this into your system on your behalf.

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