I've been getting calls from this number nearly every day "our records show you were involved in a road accident". I've received a call from this number everyday for the past week including the weekend which I did not answer any. I have just answered and it is a recording explaining that "our records show that you have been in an accident in the last 2 years and are due compensation blah blah blah.
New phone number and not given out to anyone, since last week I have had daily missed calls from the number 0843-724-0459 who ring for a second or two and stop.
Called back (withholding my number) & its recorded message re "?550 compensation due to ur recent delayed flight; pls hold for a friendly claims manager".
Got a call from this number on 20th Nov 2014 and hung up within seconds and now find I have a ?1 call charge on my bill.
I expect my wishes to be carried out forthwith, where upon I would appreciate a return email with 5 days containing confirmation of said request!
My old phone can't bar calls, so I have saved the number in Contacts under the name "Ignore me".
As long suffering recipients, we should be able to look up which company they in turn rent these numbers from, and then present evindence asking for the numbers to be shut down for viloaqtions of Terms of Service? Of course that would impinge upon the profits of the service providers, so it's kinda' difficult - - wonder why? Also, to anyone considering contacting them through the phone or e-mail, I assume they won't respond and might charge you for calling them, if you e-mail them they might put you on an e-mail spam list so I personally wouldn't do that either.
From today%u2019s time and date all calls will be logged and my time that is wasted on them (and on making a record of them) will also be recorded and collated.
This time will be re-charged to your company at a rate of ?200 per hour, which is my hourly rate. Should you fail to repay this the matter will be taken to the County Court in line with case law, where you will be liable for this debt and associated court costs. The dial 9 at the end of opt out is a scam, it only proves to the software that a human has answered and of course you eventually go on more and more companies phone lists as they buy them to attempt to sell various goods or services. So beware DO NOT ANSWER ANY 0843, 0844 AND 0820 NUMBERS, these companies all use computer generated software to call you. She said her records show that I have had an accident blah blah blah and please press "5" for a call back. Just take them for a ride, they do not know who you are, they do not know your name so do not tell them your name. It does not matter if you use abusive words and raise your voice but the best thing you can do is be ready for them and have a good story you can tell them and make it last as long as you can.

Write down a fictitious accident and play along with them but do not give any names, or you can give a fictitious name like Dixon Balls or Ilene Dover etc etc. Download an app from the play store, it is called "aFirewall." It is a superb app for blocking numbers and also unknown numbers as well as blocking texts too.
But please if you are worried and do not want the calls then download the app from play store ("aFirewall") and block them forever. UK Marketing DataComprehensive and complete UK data collections Know your potential customer even before you contact them3,100,000 companies in 4,000 classificationsincl. Power Business Leads Plus UK SIC Code, Address, Town, County, Phone, Website, Employee Count, Industry, and more! Ireland Contacts on CD ROMEurope B2B Marketing Data98,000 companies in 1,000 business categoriesincl. Discover Ireland Companies - Ireland Business Database Find your Business Partners in Ireland97,000 companies in 550 classifications incl.
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After confirming it wasnt me thats had an accident and asking to be removed from the list, they still ring!
Best bet is to add their number to a block list, or better yet, call your service provider and ask them to block all numbers starting with 0843, so any other BSers won't call you either.
Its not the first time and probably wont be last but I have blocked it on my phone so hopefully they will stop trying eventually.

I have just put a brand new Orange Sim Card in one of my newly unlocked phones and I had a call from this number within 30 minutes.
I will just have a load of fun with them and then go along with them and maybe I will tell them I am changing my contract phone and I am getting a new number.
Just use them to make you laugh and enjoy it because at the end of the day you are taking them for a ride and they are paying for the call.
I did have some fun with a boy who called me yesterday and he was only 16 or 17 and had no clue what he was talking about after I bombarded him with technical questions. Trust me, they do not know who you are or where you are so do not ever tell them your name or address. To avoid unwanted calls, go into your mobile phone's call log menu and look for "reject list" (wording may vary depending on make of phone etc). My Iphone lets me bar them but I also have a company Nokia and will have to investigate if this can be done. You can call your phone provider to have them blocked but please be aware it will block all calls for receiving and transmitting all calls which begin with o8 which may not be the right choice for you.
I will then tell them my new (fictitious) number and maybe I will give them the local police station number or maybe even I can find a really good number to give them.
Suspect it's not a legit business - just trying to make money out of inquisitive people who call back.
It only takes a few seconds to add this annoying number (and any others) and they should then be automatically rejected.
I have been told by the phone companies the technology is not available to block any numbers other the first 2. The answered number then goes on to a list that is sold to other similar companies, they have nothing to do with the claims companies, they receive a fee for any successful claims made through them. There is a verified entry for Very in the database (at saynoto0870 com site) and if you type in shop direct group into the Company Name field, it throws up quite a few entries. Numbers for other brands that Shop Direct operates may work as it is probably the same staff that deal with them all.

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