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The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Developer Edition unlocked is coming soon, 16GB version will set you back $600, while the 32GB version is $650.
The new ASUS Padfone 2 Android phone will be launch on October 16th in Milan, Italy and in Taipei, Taiwan.
Would think common sense would say the focus is more on LTE and if phones played well across all bands & networks and came unlocked we would be in europe.

Completely pointless at this point since you can easily download an app from the Play Store and unlock the bootloader with one button press. Kinda goes against the whole American cellular market to have unlocked phones that work across the board on all the networks. Motorola v8088 mobile phone has the dimension of 82 x 43 x 26 mm and the weight of 79 g, which make the phone quite light for carry. Vibration, Monophonic ringtones and composer alert types are available to be chosen as you phone alert type. No I’m not, since the devs at XDA unlocked the bootloader on the Verizon Galaxy S III a month ago.

US cellular is actually a great carrier in the Midwest way more 4g coverage than even Verizon, their data speeds are faster too, and their plans are quite a bit cheaper. 300 entries of phonebook, 9 voice dial commands and  25 voice dial numbers can be stored to this phone.

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