Federated Payments remains the premier provider of credit card processing solutions and related merchant account services for independently owned businesses within the U.S. We strive for a high level of  customer satisfaction by offering new and existing merchants turnkey payment solutions at low rates. When I changed my job and decided to shift from Kanpur to Karwar , I surrenderd torn the card in two pieces as advised by the ICICI representative while issuing the card and sent it to ICICI bank after paying my all outstanding dues. I strongly object such action of the bank and not allow to debit any sum which is altogether false and beyond the facts.
I will fight it legally as this is a case of fraud and cheating , bank has not sent any proof or diocument and since last more than 2.5 yras the bank has not communicated to me if there such huge amount due on my credit card account.

I, credit card holder of ICICI Bank wanted to register my complaint as my payment was debited without the transaction being processed through phone banking. I am not receiving credit card statement regularly, thereby depriving me of having first hand information on my credit card transactions. I want to know that why the interest of 227.55 rs is levied on my credit card no 4477474194112010 when i have paid my minimum amount due in time last month. I was credit card holder of ICICI bank having CC no 5176 5335 8903 2009 which was valid upto December 2009.
Alert SMS on my new mobile number from your end on each and every transaction done by me thru my credit card.

Further, the monthly statement were also stopped coming on my address after this settlement. After that no transition is made my be on that card and Bank also stop making my BSNL and LIC Policy premium.

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