Project Description: Two separate retail buildings, one consisting of 4,075 SF of space for US cellular with two finished restrooms and janitor’s closet.
Project Description: Two major retail projects on this site with multiple upfit of interior stores. Project Description: 15,000 SF building, slab on grade, wood framed construction, brick veneer, membrane and metal roof.
Chang AC, YH Lin, RL chou, GY Liao and NC Chang, (1992) Characterization of a glial associated antigen GA-1 by monoclonal antibody. Chang AC and HD Dellmann (1981) Biosynthesis and axoplasmic transport of neurophysins in the hypothalamo-neurohypophsyial system of the grass frog Rana pipiens. Chien A, DB Edgar and JM Trela (1976) DNA polymerase from the extreme thermophile Thermus aquaticus. Growing up in the small rural town of Romeo, north of Detroit, US, Ritchie found a love for hip hop, finding the music and lifestyle to provide an escape from the banality of small town life, creating his own rap music as well as breakdancing. Robert James Ritchie, better known by his stage name of Kid Rock has amassed huge commercial success during his rap-rock career, having sold over 25 million albums globally.
Partial Wood frame construction and CMU wall construction, with concrete slab over footings. Revelation of Neural Gene Functions using Transgenic and Knockout Mice ApproachFunctional characterization of novel neural genes and those previously uncovered in CNS areas implicated in cognition are currently underinvestigation both in vitro and in vivo. Immortalization and Characterization of Neural Cell LinesThe myelin deficient (msd) rat is a model system for human demyelinating diseases. Characterization of the regulatory region of Adra2c, the gene encoding the murine a2C adrencoeptor subtype.

Transient expression of Ym1, a heapin-binding lectin, during developmental hematopoiesis and inflammation. Influenced by Beastie Boys' fusion of rap and rock, Ritchie developed his own style under the name of Kid Rock, eventually gaining a record contract with Jive Records in 1990, after impressing through a support slot performance for Boogie Down Productions. The release received mixed reviews yet gave Ritchie the encouragement to continue making music. Ritchie also became famous for his much publicized relationship with Pamela Anderson, receiving significant interest from the tabloid press. His energetic, genre hopping live show has also accumulated a similarly lofty reputation and Ritchie shows no sign of slowing down his touring schedule.
Both buildings have a concrete floor slab on grade with ribbon footings, structural steel with bar joist roof system.
The candidate genes are 2 adrenoceptor subtype genes Adra2b and Adra2c encoding a2B and a2C adrenoceptor respectively. The mutant is characterized by defective oligodendrocytes, the central myelin synthesizing glia. Arrogance is clearly at the heart of both Ritchie's music and stage persona, yet he performs with such a level of self-assuredness that the audience cannot help but to play to his egotistical demeanour.
The exterior veneer consists of brick, EIFS, Hardi-board siding and aluminum store front frames and glass. Luzp is the gene encoding a putative transcription factor LUZP predominantly expressed in brain areas such as temporal cortex, hippocampus and cerebellum. Further characterization in terms of its functional competence; the capacity to make myelin both in vitro and in vivo systems are under pursue.

In addition, we have established a murine neuronal cell line DM, derived from embryonic (E13) mesencephalon and used it as an in vitro model system for mesolimbic dopaminergic neurons. The US Cellular building is heated and cooled with a total of 15 tons of gas furnace roof top units. We are in the process of characterizing its apoptotic response to addictive drugs such that neural protective strategies may be devised. We have also established 3 lines of knock-out mouse models in which the candidate genes; Adra2b, Adra2c and Luzp, were each targeted disrupted and a reporter gene lacZ was in-frame inserted downstream to the regulatory region of respective genes. It doesn't matter if it is a smaller venue, like the Ryman in Nashville, or an outdoor venue like the Beale street music festival. The LUZP-null mice are currently employed to delineate its role in neural tube closure in embryonic brain. The selective expression of LUZP in hippocampus prompted the use of heterozygous Luzp-mutant to delineate its role in stress response by pharmacogenetic approach. Condition knockout mouse lines will be established employing the Tet-on system and specific promoter driven Cre-loxP recombinase system. The mutant mice with definitive molecular lesion are excellent in vivo models in which the functional involvement of each candidate gene at the cellular, system, behavioral and cognitive levels may be assessed.

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