Contains information va education benefit programs, including gi bill, tuition assistance, veterans educational assistance, dependents' educational. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. A  We quickly outgrew our little house, so in 1986 we bought a bigger one closer to the beach with a bayou in back. In 1976 a vocational-technical center was built in Pascagoula, and Bobbie and I taught there until we retired.A  During those years I also taught evening classes at the vo-tech, community college, and for Ingalla€™s Shipbuilding apprentice program.
During our time on the coast and my two there before Bobbie, we evacuated many times for hurricanes, tropical storms, and warnings, but in 1998 we made the mistake of staying for hurricane Georges as it was predicted to go west.

In the fall of 1974 when Bobbie was ready to return to work, a new vocational business education program was started at Pascagoula High School.A  Because she had the required vocational business certification, Bobbie was hired to teach intensive business education, a position she held for about 15 years.
Life was good in Pascagoula and Johnny and Bobbie followed Mississippi State basketball while Jay was a player and Mississippi College basketball while Jeff was a player.A  They also were active in First United Methodist Church of Pascagoula and enjoyed activities with close friends. I had already been called for my army physical and figured I would be drafted soon, so I just went ahead and enlisted in the Army for three years.A  I took my basic training at Ft.
I always thought it was pretty amazing that the letter got delivered to me on that ship in the middle of the ocean, from Neshoba to the Atlantic in less than nine days.A  We disembarked in Bremerhaven and boarded a train that took us to Kaiserslautern. My car was a welcome sight when I finally got to the docks where it was the next day, and after getting it, I found my way south and headed home.A  I had driven in Paris, Rome, and on the autobahns of Germany and thought I had seen the worlda€™s craziest and most reckless drivers, but New Yorkers were right in there with them.

I was then sent to Germany, where I was stationed with the 32nd Artillery Brigade (became the 32nd Army Air Defense Command in 1966) in Kaiserslautern.

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