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Inspiration for tutorial: Foxtrot's "How to Trap a Tracker"If you have been following my past tutorials, (and it's fine if you haven't,) you would know how much social engineering and doxing I do. Step 1: EmailFor a fake identity, not only do we need an email, but we need a bunch of them at our disposal.
The best way to check if someone is real is to extract EXIF information from their profile picture. For Linux, just install the basic tool Exif (apt-get install exif), and for Windows, use Opanda.
Cracker:I think he shouldn't even bother for Linux ( Kali Linux ) since Kali has exiftool installed by default. Anyone,SO im having a bit of trouble creating a fake facebook page ive gotten as far as getting it to accept my disposable email(after trying with a couple of different sites) however then it prompts me for a mobile number to confirm my identity. This decorative landscaping rock is easy to install, simply place the rock over the device and secure it with the provided ground stakes.
During these moments when we are convincing people that we are a different person, we need information that doesn't exist.

However, the person we are tricking can reverse image lookup this picture so it would be best to go out and take one.
This will give you many things like the device used to take the picture, the model, the software version, and sometimes even the physical location. I found sites where i am able to receive text messages for free however the facebook messages are not going through so i am not able to get the confirmaton number. The artificial stone is designed to cover everything from septic tanks to sewer clean-outs. However, make sure that they have more than an email to back up their identity, always do research on people, for their safety and for yours as well. Are you tired of looking out into your backyard and seeing your home's phone, cable, well, and septic equipment?
Made of durable polyethelyne, this faux stone is UV resistant so it won't crack in the cold or fade in the sun.
This includes a name, credit card number, email, height, weight, date of birth, family, and more. Big thanks to Foxtrot for sparking the inspiration for this tutorial and as always any questions are welcome in the comment section!

With this artificial garden rock you can conceal these eyesores while adding a decorative, natural look to your landscape.
In today's tutorial we will be exploring the world of identity and what makes it so important. It gives you a fake name, address, phone number, weight and height, occupation, geolocation, birthday, credit card, and more.
To use this generator simply pick your gender and location of the identity and press the red generate button.
Here we see we have to put in our full name, email (valid one), password, birthday, and gender. For me, I would put Wilfredo Kimball for the name, and the rest of the information as follows.

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