Most ludicrous of the choices is a pretty Sony Ericsson k750i and I could even purchase it from a shop I trust. So while the phone is my current winner, I worry I’ll be dropping calls left and right.
Verizon even seems to have a hard time with understanding the many wonderful uses of Bluetooth. Now really the most outrageous option is to stop trying to be ahead of the technology curve and just buy a working phone and pair it with any old cellular service.
Over the holidays, our household switched from Verizon to Cingular so we could upgrade to the razr phones.
As for the Bluetooth capabilities I’d have to say I really do plan on using them if I can. But I am only going to go with a 1 year contract, so I’ll get to go through this stress again next year and hopefully have a little extra cash lying around break my chains to Verizon.

There is some hope but I’m getting negative feedback from my surroundings because of the high price tag.
I’d tend to agree since other carriers, including Cingular, allow much more functionality with their implementations.
It’s more of a fallback in case I back myself into a corner trying to figure out what to do. So far I have taken step one and got a cheap Nokia 6010 to check out the service in my area for Cingular.
Are you really going to take advantage of any of the bluetooth options, be it your car, hands-free, or laptop integration (as with the powerbooks -bluephoneElite)? Sure, $400 sounds like a lot of money, but your cellphone is a key instrument in communcation i’m sure. My Powerbook I’ve had for a year and a half came with Bluetooth and I have not used it for anything.

I have too many things to purchase in the near future, and I’m not interested in using my credit card on a $400 dollar phone. But today I saw something that reminded me I better get this down in writing before it all comes to pass and I’m sitting here with a new phone typing this in retrospect. You might not be in a totally rural area, and if not you shouldn’t have any issues with these European phones. Two years ago I grabbed myself an LG VX6000 at a very good price because I renewed my two year aggreement.

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