The increasing needs of telecom companies to solidify and enhance their existing wireless networks means existing cell tower and rooftop leases are only increasing in value.
Property owners leasing their land for telecom equipment placement in Mississippi and Georgia will soon have even more negotiating power within their cell tower and rooftop telecom leases. Technological advancements need adequate cell towers with enough signal strength, bandwidth and frequency capacity to support these growing networks. Supply and demand is evidenced in the case of cell phone towers, and their capacity, value, and negotiations related to the placement of new cell towers and the existing leases of current ones. Upgraded telecom equipment that facilitates a faster, more valuable 4G LTE network, adds monetary value to Mississippi and Georgia property owners' cell tower leases without many of them ever knowing it.
Vertical Consultants, a Nashville, Tennessee based telecom consulting firm, has successfully demanded fair treatment of property owners engaged in cell tower leases and those looking to enter into one. Hugh Odom, President of Vertical Consultants states “The increasing needs of telecom companies to solidify and enhance their existing wireless networks means existing cell tower and rooftop telecom leases are only increasing in value. Vertical Consultants was founded in 2010 by Hugh Odom and is comprised of a group of wireless industry veterans with decades of combined experience. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
The Hulmeville Borough Zoning Hearing Board will hear a proposal from Verizon to build a new cellphone tower. The tower is proposed to be built behind the William Penn Fire Company on Main Street and would be around 130 feet tall. According to a presentation made by Verizon representatives before Hulmeville officials last fall, the cellphone tower would be disguised as a large tree and would not have a warning light on top.
The tower would bring in an additional $21,000 annually for the fire company, according to meeting minutes.

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Currently, there are no laws or air traffic control pertaining to drones, so it is essentially a free-for-all for anyone with a drone. The Federal Aviation Administration proposed regulations for commercial drones back in February, but nothing has yet to pass into law. Are you a tower technician looking to become involved in the tower industry at a higher level and have an impact on the big picture? If you qualify and are interested in making an impact in the tower industry, visit the website application here. Newkirk’s telecomm crews provided turnkey installation of backup generators at over 600 cellular sites, including underground installation, concrete placement, site work and electrical. As demand for network expansion and faster wireless service grows, the value of cell phone towers increases, yet the rent revenues associated with these cell tower leases remain the same: undervalued.
Vertical Consultants specializes in issues surrounding the wireless telecom industry and is a unique source of information for property owners. The fire company was reportedly in support of the proposal, which would give the cell service provider better signal capabilities.
According to The Guardian, the deal was signed last year, but has only gotten underway as of this month. For the initial phase, it will only test its air traffic control system within the confines of its facility.

The complete eligibility criteria are outlined on the official NWSA Board of Governors Tower Technician Nomination Application. He is also responsible for the companies’ social media channels and writes a weekly news wrap-up on the tower industry, as well as occasional news stories and special event coverage, such as SxSW. Vertical Consultants experience in the industry allows it to offer its clients unmatched services, expertise and results, handling all aspects of a telecom lease from start to finish.
Verizon Wireless has until 2017 to take the initial research and introduce a way to take the concept and use it on cell tower coverage for data, navigation, surveillance and tracking. The National Wireless Safety Alliance is accepting applications from qualified tower technicians to fill several available seats on the inaugural NWSA board of governors. Plus, Verizon Wireless has been one of the only companies to assist the incredibly budget-constrained NASA in this undertaking. For those unfamiliar, the NWSA is a nonprofit assessment and certification organization created to bring better education and safety to the tower industry.
Typically, Crown Castle will buy some of the towers and acquire a lease on the others for roughly 28 years. It opened our eyes and we said ‘OK, maybe there is a way to get through this and protect our interest and get a deal that is palatable to us’,” Shammo told investors at a conference in Los Angeles, adding that Verizon wants to protect its ability to expand its network when necessary.

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