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Really had my heart set on the Galaxy s3 (my fantasy phone), but can only find a Galaxy s2 that will work with Straight Talk's Verizon towers. My problem is that AT&T coverage is really spotty around here (we're in a rural area and Verizon is king A follow up question would be (if there is no unlocked CDMA for ST) is will this change after the Samsung Galaxy s4 is revealed next week?
To use Straight Talk on CDMA providers Verizon or Sprint, you have to buy the Straight Talk-branded phones that have been approved by those carriers. With the exception of that dual purpose iPhone 5, all other Straight Talk-branded phones are from previous generations, 2 -5 years old. There's a guy my husband works with and another girl in a nearby town where he stops for coffee that both have the Galaxy S2 for Straight Talk's Verizon towers.
Over in the Straight Talk forum there are people who live and breathe the ST-branded phones, especially for Verizon. I was a CDMA customer for a dozen years with two different carriers and even had LTE Android. I started this mess thinking I wanted an iPhone5, but after doing some research I changed my mind (Android has come a LONG way in the past few of years).
I have very limited access to a computer at work, but a fair amount of downtime - I'm an interpreter in a school (but I have a non profit, web pages, two online shops and a blog as well I could be working on). The Samsung Galaxy S Showcase was the best And only GalaxyS phone that was available on ST from Verizon, they were very populate when they were available. Ask your husband to look at the phones the other people own and then look at these pictures, if they have a Galaxy S on Verizon and it is a StraightTalk phone they probably have the Showcase.
The Samsung Galaxy S Showcase was the best And only GalaxyS phone that was available on ST from Verizon, they were very popular when they were available. However, in none of the pics I've found do I see a Verizon logo on the phone itself -- just the Verizon map on the package. Verizon Communications said Thursday it will sell its TV, Internet and landline phone business in Florida, California and Texas to Frontier Communications.

Verizon Wireless, the nation's largest mobile phone business, is not affected by this deal. Executives for both companies said the transition to Frontier should be seamless for most current Verizon customers. One early sign to watch is the level of customer service a€” in an industry infamous for poor service a€” as Verizon hands its regional business over to Frontier.
Verizon, which arose from the 2000 purchase of GTE by Bell Atlantic 15 years ago, spent billions in the Tampa Bay market expanding its highly popular FiOS fiber optic network. Frontier, based in Stamford, Conn., is a publicly traded corporation operating in 28 states, but remains vastly smaller than Verizon. Verizon said it is selling its services in three states because the company operates in detached markets.
Does the s3 just not come in an unlocked CDMA version for the Verizon towers on Straight Talk? Bring the HSPA phone you want, the specs you want, and run it on AT&T or T-Mobile (depending on the sim you choose). I saw the Straight Talk forum, but with the Galaxy and CDMA questions thrown in I thought I should try the general question thread first. Not much point in a cool new toy if I can't play with it; home would be fine, but where I work is in the middle of nowhere and the only decent connection is with Verizon. I have lots of things could be doing during that time, and if I had a phone with internet access I could get a boatload accomplished. Hundreds of thousands of Tampa Bay Verizon customers are about to meet a new service provider.
For 3,000 of Verizon's 10,000 employees in Florida, it means Frontier becomes their new boss when the deal is completed in early 2016.
Frontier has purchased Verizon's business in a number of other states in prior years and on Thursday cited its experience in operating TV, Internet and landline phone systems. While Verizon used to be commonly scorned by customers here, the company has worked hard in recent years to elevate its service quality to where it ranks among the best nationally in recent J.D.

But what customers may be willing to sacrifice in traditional TV is being replaced by rising demand for faster Internet speeds to assure the ability to watch movies or play games online.
But Verizon's FiOS coverage never reached all of the metro area, leaving chunks of Pinellas County, for example, with Verizon only able to offer TV services via the DirecTV satellite service.
It is known as a largely rural provider of broadband services and on Thursday characterized its deal in Florida and other states as bigger game. Now it plans to concentrate on providing service in nine East Coast and mid-Atlantic states where its FiOS fiber optic networks are closely linked.
Thursday's deal also includes Frontier taking over Verizon's small business and long distance services. Combined, the two transactions generate $15.5 billion to buy back stock and help pay down large debts incurred when the company completed its purchase of Vodafone, a large European wireless service provider.
The company has worked hard in recent years to elevate its service quality to where it ranks among the best nationally in recent J.D.
I'm using an older than dirt Samsung Rogue (don't laugh) and am looking into the Samsung Galaxy s3 or Note 2.
I am so far out of the loop on this it's completely overwhelming (big time crossed eyeballs here - ack!). I totally love this phone, but I totally love my S2 from Boost as well, just call me fickle. Only registered members may post questions, contact other members or search our database of over 8 million posts. I'll ask him about the model number (I think he said it was $349 or something like that, but it's a II).

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