Here are the best sandy beaches in and around Victoria BC---with emphasis on "in and around".
Again, not that large---and quite narrow---so it can get busy (actually---it does get busy!). In fact, it is so family orientated there is even a children's playground on the "premises". As the name suggests, this park is near Sidney, BC---which is itself about a 20 minute drive north of Victoria.

Balmacarra Beach is found at 4588 Balmacarra Road (use your GPS!)---"kind of" in the Mount Douglas area (just so you get your bearings!!). This stretch of sand is almost always empty! If you are still looking for additional information, you can use the Google Search Box below to search my site.
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Follow the Old Island Highway, which eventually becomes Sooke Road, until you get to Metchosin Road, and then turn left.

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