All-terrain vehicles have a unique identifier called a vehicle identification number on the frame. Log on to the online VIN history checker at the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. Individual states may also offer their own VIN history checkers, but these will return only state records for a VIN instead of the more comprehensive report produced by the NMVTIS operators.
If the VIN of the ATV has not been registered and you suspect the ATV has been stolen, contact local police, who may be able to track it down through stolen property reports. Like many legal passenger vehicles, Yamaha ATVs have a 17-digit VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. Despite the ubiquity of other types of modern payment methods, check fraud is still a major financial crime.

Some, such as Alabama, do not require registration of ATVs, but others, such as Arizona, do. This fee covers only the running costs of the search, and operators do not make a profit from each VIN history request.
LIGHT WOOD AND LIGHT GRAY SEATING AND FLOORING (NOT CARPETING!!) MAKE THIS UNIT FEEL WELCOMING AND LARGER INSIDE. The digits on the VIN represent the country of origin, manufacturer, details of the style, production number and a check digit to prevent vehicle identification fraud. If your state does not require registration, or if the ATV comes from another state that does not register ATVs, the ATV may not turn up in VIN history searches.
A full vehicle history report will give you all of those details along with title information, a glossary of title and brand information, problem indicators, odometer information and owner information.

Every street-legal vehicle or trailer is assigned a vehicle .How to Check a Vehicle Specification by VIN Number. The VIN can be used to trace the history of the ATV if it has been registered with a state Department of Motor Vehicles.
Vehicle identification numbers, also referred to as VINs, have the same purpose as Social Security numbers and bar .How to Find Vehicle Specs by VIN Number.

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