The fire that destroyed the empty school building appeared to have started inside the condemned structure, police said. The Collection contains certificates, correspondence, and a commencement hood pertaining to the academic career of Olive J. The Virginia Series is comprised of certificates, publications, manuals, correspondence, and invitations pertaining to Olive J. The Miscellaneous Series is comprised of a letter, certificates, and photographs related to the personal life of Olive J. Permission to publish, exhibit, or broadcast must be obtained from: Special Collections and University Archives, Leonard H. Faulkner at Kansas State Teachers College and her involvement with the school as an alumna. Faulkner's academic career at Kansas State Teachers College and her interaction with the College as an alumna. Olive Faulkner was principal and teacher for Picher Public schools in Picher, Oklahoma, from 1924-1927.
The Collection pertains to Faulkner's work as an educator, nurse, and Civil Defense official.
The collection also contains newspaper clippings, certificates, pamphlets, and manuals relating to Faulkner's professional life in Wyoming and the numerous positions she held in the field of nursing and civil defense in the state of Virginia.
Included in this series is Faulkner's Bachelors of Science in Education diploma as well as a letter from the college appointing Faulkner a Fellow for the school year of 1935-1936. The certificates include her nursing certification from the state of Virginia dated 1944, a certificate of merit dated 1955 for service in the Civil Defense, and a certificate of appreciation from the American Disabled Veterans Service Foundation.

Included in this series are clippings from the Northern Wyoming Daily News dating December 9, 12, 13, and 23 of 1944. The collection includes correspondence, certificates, clippings, manuals, photographs, pamphlets, and a commencement hood.
In addition, this collection contains photographs, certificates, and correspondence relating to the personal life of Olive J. This series contains a graduation program from 1936 as well as Faulkner's Master of Science diploma.
This series contains copies of two health bulletins from 1952 and 1955 which contain references to Faulkner's professional responsibilities as well as information pertaining to her resignation as Civil Defense Nursing Chief.
These clippings mention Faulkner's acceptance of a teaching position in Virginia and her activity as a county health nurse in Wyoming. The letter pertains to Luckinbell's personal life and future academic aspirations but also contains information about Luckinbell's affiliation with the Civilian Conservation Corps in Keystone, Oklahoma.
The series also contains programs from the Apple Day convocation of 1957 and alumni publications which either mention or honor Olive Faulkner. This series also contains two Civil Defense medical manuals to which Faulkner contributed by writing the forewords. Also included in this series is a copy of the Pittsburg State publication, The Collegio, dated January 17, 1945. The certificates in this series are certificates of membership from the Dictionary of International Biography, dated 1972, and the International Clover Poetry Association, no date. The collection is arranged into four series: Kansas State Teachers College, Virginia, Clippings, and Miscellaneous.

These publications include the April 1957 issue of the Kansas State Teachers College Alumnian as well as a clipping from an alumni newsletter dated 1959.
Also included in this series is a letter to Faulkner, dated 1965, which confirms her acceptance into the International Platform Association as well as an invitation from the governor's office of Virginia, dated 1966, inviting Faulkner to attend a conference on education. In addition, the series contains correspondence from 1965 between Faulkner and the college in which Faulkner is asked to represent the institution at an inauguration.
In addition, this series contains a newspaper clipping from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, dated July 26, 1953, describing Faulkner's job as Civil Defense Nursing Chief in Virginia.
She worked as a health nurse at the University of Wyoming from 1939 to 1941 where she also received her M.S. Olive Faulkner then worked as the director for the School of Nursing in Rock Springs, Wyoming from 1941 to 1942 and county nurse from 1943 to 1945. She accepted the position of health coordinator at a medical college in Virginia in 1945 where she worked until 1947. Faulkner then served in the field of advanced nursing for the State Department of Health in Virginia from 1947 to 1955 where she trained incoming Civil Defense nurses.
She then took the position of professor and director of the School of Nursing of the Professional Institution at the College of William and Mary in 1955.

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