This deal has expired - it was valid until 6 November 2014 and is unfortunately no longer available. Ever since Allan Knott-Craig Snr joined Cell C theya€™ve changed their offerings to be highly competitive although Ia€™d heard horror stories about the quality of the network. I phoned Cell C direct, got asked a million questions about my income and 7 days later an iPhone 5 was delivered to my door. As a whole I get a consistent 3G connection on my iPhone 5 (there is no LTE yet but this is true for any of the networks) and ita€™s actually rare for me to see an EDGE connection. Wea€™re in that post-season, pre-big tournament phase, where some international teams are playing each other to get in game time and practice, and others are playing each other just for the hell of it. Pumpkin doughnuts sure is a mouthful to get your mind around, but once you give in to the temptation, you will not stop at one, not even 2 or 3, they are that addictive. Ryan: The actual store opened in about June last year in the same building as the current premises. The post The 6 wildlife photo tips you need to shoot like a pro appeared first on Getaway Magazine.

A Once again we will drink the strawberry kool-aid: New Year resolutions, BHAG (big hairy audacious goals) and life makeovers. Dr Maraisa€™s PhD focuses on quantum biology a€“ life processes that can only be understood using quantum mechanics. I started on prepaid with a Nokia 5110 as a teenager and then graduated to multiple contracts of ever increasing values and costs as I started using my cellphone for work and contacting girls. As mentioned earlier, my priority was data and Ia€™ve had pretty good quality data on my Cell C data stick at home. I must commend the call center staff for being knowledgable and really friendly, more than I can say for my previous networks call center.
There are spots where the quality is terrible, specifically in the Hyde Park area of Johannesburg (I get bumped to Vodacom here) but otherwise ita€™s perfect. In recent years MTN has gone to the dogs: I had an iPhone 4 with them and almost never saw 3G signal instead being left on EDGE for mobile connectivity.
Another issue is price, the iPhone 5 is currently R399 for 200 minutes, 200 smsa€™s and 500mb of data.

While there was some issue with porting from MTN to Cell C (the sales agent forgot to initiate the porting process which is human error and could happen anywhere) but otherwise they communicated with me perfectly throughout the process.
Before the end of January, our resolutions have their last gasp and we are not going to resuscitate them. Since data has become more important to me than how many SMS messages I get the lack of speed left me wanting.
Add to the fact tons of dropped calls and plenty of dead spots in Johannesburg I was ready to move. Erin caught up with long time DIY contributor, DJ Fuego Heat aka Ryan van Rooyen, about Khaya Records, a kief new record store at the bottom of A Florida Road. This inspiring visionary will headline Heavy Chef and tell us her story on 25 May 2016 in Cape Town.

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