Google Voice is an amazing service which is used by millions of people worldwide – but sometimes it falls into the wrong hands and causes telemarketing offers and other unwanted calls from people who use Google Voice to make calls and annoy users. Global Spam Filtering will identify phone numbers that are within the Google database and have been flagged as spam. 3: You can invest in a call blocker device which will filter out all incoming unwanted calls, not just Google Voice.
If any of the above options are not working for you, or if the phone calls are harassing and threatening you, it is recommended that you report the call to authorities immediately and then call you carrier to report abusive calls. Never Miss A Method!Sign up for our email newsletter to receive the latest updates directly to your inbox! If your funds for a reverse phone lookup are low, and you don’t want the extensive amount of information available to you through a payment, there is always the option of calling the number back and inquiring as to the nature of the original calls.  This has a margin of failure, but in the cases when the person merely has the wrong number, finding who has been calling will be easy.
Though expensive, reverse phone lookup can lead to not only a great deal of information about others, but also will give you a preview of just exactly how much of your personal information is available online, leading you to better prepare yourself for instituting a level of privacy both online and offline that you’re comfortable with. Finding the best cellphones for seniors can be difficult in a market saturated by fancy smartphones. Despite the proliferation of mobile phones that do just about everything, traditional cellphones that are easy to understand, and simple to use, are still available. These simple cell phones have also benefited from technology and are able to provide important features such as speed dialling SOS numbers and in-built cameras. The stand-out feature on the Snapfon ezTwo is the SOS button, which provides one-touch access to family members and emergency services. To round things off, the ezTwo also comes equipped with a handy high intensity flash light, making it a great accompaniment for senior cellphone users. The Janizz cellphone makes the list of the best cellphones for senior users thanks to its simple design and ease of use.
Still, the Janizz simple phone also offers important features such as an SOS feature that can text pre-stored numbers, and an ambulance siren that can be used to alert nearby people in the event of an emergency.
The GreatCall Jitterbug Touch3 ups the ante on cellphones for seniors by offering touch-screen controls and built-in health and safety apps.
Made by Samsung, one of the worlds leading mobile phone makers, the Jitterbug Touch3 is a simple and affordable smartphone.

The best feature of the Jitterbug Touch3 is that because it is a smartphone, users can have access to an unlimited range of useful apps. When it comes to the best cellphones for seniors, the Alcatel 382G is among the leading mobile phones available.
The Alcatel 382G is a prepaid phone that also comes with free double minutes for life when purchased with a Tracfone service plan.
Highlights on the Jethro 3G senior cellphone include an SOS button which can call or text up to 4 emergency contacts, and an optional desktop charging cradle that provides convenience and faster access. The GreatCall Jitterbug5 is the sister model to the touchscreen enabled Jitterbug Touch3 above and is described as a cellphone and medical alert device.
Features on the GreatCall Jitterbug cellphone include a backlit display for better visibility in low-light areas, and a long lasting battery. Another great feature for senior cellphones users with the Jitterbug5 are the health and safety packages available with the phone.
The mobile phones listed above are some of the best cellphones for seniors as they all offer the ease of use that many senior people look for in mobile phones. If you are affected by this type of nuisance, do not fear, for Google has implemented a way to block these annoying callers and stop them from calling your phone number. Mobile phone technology continues to accelerate at a rapid pace resulting in an avalanche of shiny new models each year. The cellphone features big buttons, enhanced volume, a speaking keypad, and numbers in a large font. The phones’ enhanced volume and its speaking keypad which says each number that is dialled in a clear voice help to reduce mis-dialled calls and wrong numbers. What makes the Touch3 a great cellphone for seniors is the combination of modern technology and a design tailored for senior users.
The phones’ modern look is complemented by its large touch screen and icons which provide ease of use.
A background noise reducer ensures high quality audio during calls, while the phones’ well designed features offer users the simple convenience of a cellphone that does its job well.
This phone offers wider and stronger cellular coverage on both 3G and 2G GSM and is compatible with most providers.

Additionally, the Jethro cellphone comes with cutting edge hearing aid compatibility, another reason why this is one of the best cellphones for seniors around. With large buttons and numbers for easy dialling and a clam design that eliminates accidental calls, the Jitterbug is also available in red, blue, or white.
Special moments can be captured using the in-built camera, and the phone has a long standby time of nearly a month!
GreatCall provides an app as well as telephone operators that help keep users connected with family, friends, and urgent care or medical alert services. Added features such as hearing aid compatibility and one-touch SOS buttons enhance use and make them the perfect companion for senior users.
If you are not sure if the caller is using Google Voice – read the article on how to tell if someone is using a Google Voice number instead.
This can make it difficult to sift out the best cellphones that are easy to use and don’t come with all the fancy bells and whistles. This phone comes with 3G and 2G GSM coverage as standard which means an unlocked model can be used with service providers in the US and worldwide. The phone’s big buttons ensure easy dialling and access to required features, while each number that is pressed is spoken out loud. Despite the obvious simple features like big buttons and a hands-free speaker, the Alcatel 382G also offers some advanced capabilities. The Jitterbug5 is also hearing aid compatible and has a 5star button that provides one-touch access to medical alert services.
For senior cellphone users, or those that prefer a  mobile phone that simply makes calls, today’s range of smartphones can be quite frustrating to deal with.

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