Lying 50 km north of Tauranga, Mayor Island is the smallest caldera volcano in New Zealand.
The Okataina Volcanic Centre includes Tarawera, source of the most lethal eruption in New Zealand's recorded history. Formed about 220,000 years ago, Rotorua caldera is today a lake next to one of New Zealand's major tourist destinations. In addition to the usual volcanic hazards, the crater lake of Ruapehu ejects frequent lahars.
The last major eruption of Taranaki (also known as Egmont Volcano) occurred around 1854; the mountain dominates the productive farmland of the Taranaki region. Taupo volcano last erupted over 1,800 years ago and is today filled by New Zealand's largest lake.
The Tongariro complex contains multiple volcanic cones; Te MA?ri crater erupted in twice in 2012.

New Zealand's most active volcano, White Island, was in a state of frequent eruption from 1976 to 2000. Reach your target market more effectively through Yellow's comprehensive range of print and digital marketing solutions. The Yellow name, and associated names and logos are trade marks of Yellow or its affiliates. November 25 (Thursday) is the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Auckland City will be doing its bit to raise awareness of the issue in the city. Police staff throughout the Auckland City District are wearing the white ribbon brooches this week and will participate in several planned events to mark the occasion and acknowledge the work Police and other agencies carry out every day in an effort to curb the incidence of family violence. Auckland City District Police will assist Auckland District Heath Board staff with distribution of white ribbons at both Auckland and Greenlane Hospitals to members of the public on November 25. The Auckland City District Family Violence Co-ordinator, Senior Sergeant Vaughn Graham, says he would love to be able to disband his team of dedicated staff as that would signify there'd been an end to such incidents.

Of the family violence occurrences reported to Police annually, about 5000 of them occur in the Auckland City District.
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