Making his first public comments since the "Deflategate" court ruling, Brady said he is focused on preparing for Thursday's game against Pittsburgh.
Brady's four-game suspension for his role in using underinflated footballs during the AFC championship game was overturned Thursday by a federal judge who criticized NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for going what he said was "far beyond" the investigative conclusions of attorney Ted Wells.
Two Patriots employees — officials' locker room attendant Jim McNally and equipment assistant John Jastremski — were suspended for their role in the deflated balls. The ruling means Brady will get to celebrate with the rest of the team when the Patriots raise their championship banner Thursday night.

Circuit Court of Appeals to hear the case because the league would have to show it would suffer irreparable harm to speed up the timetable. 1, but the "Deflategate" saga dominated headlines all the way into the start of this season.
The Patriots have said they would have changed the ceremony if the Super Bowl MVP had been suspended. The star quarterback has insisted he played no role in a conspiracy to deflate footballs below the allowable limit at last season's AFC championship, a 45-7 rout of the Indianapolis Colts.

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