Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a 1937 animated feature, the first produced by Walt Disney. Fairy story, probably the most lovely example of pure fantasy that has yet been seen on the screen. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
While likely not the first full-length animated feature to be produced (the 1917 Argentine film El Apostol may be the first), it was the first full-length animated feature to become widely successful within the English-speaking world, the first full-length animated feature with sound, and the first to be filmed in Technicolor. The plot, which follows closely that of the original tale by Grimm, tells of a Wicked Queen who is jealous of the beauty of her stepdaughter, Snow White.

The huntsman, however, who is charged with the deed, cannot bring himself to do it, and Snow White escapes, terrified, into the forest. And then the sun strikes through the trees and the little forest creatures come out to welcome her, shyly at first and then joyfully. They lead her to the miniature home of the Seven Dwarfs who work in a diamond mine and which, like the home of all bachelors, is in a terrible mess. Snow White bites an apple and falls to the ground in the sleeping death to which the only antidote is love’s first kiss.
The Dwarfs, warned by the animals, return just too late and chase the Queen through a thunderstorm until she is killed by falling over a precipice.

Sadly the little men build a shrine for Snow White in the woods where they keep watch through the seasons.
The fame of the shrine grows, until a Prince who loved Snow White and had been seeking for her ceaselessly hears of the sleeping maiden. He visits the shrine, recognises the Princess and kisses her with the first kiss of love, the antidote to the poison.

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