For your own business interest we require you to confirm that you own this listing by entering the verification code. At Just Dial Cricket Match tournaments brings employees together as a team, which fosters team spirit.
A stress free mind works better, we have better solutions, we try new things and ultimately our customers get the best service. At Justdial, we usually celebrate Christmas by decorating the floor and having someone come over dressed as a Santa Claus. Vintage radios from France will operate on 120 volt, making them more appealing to American collectors. NOTE: The larger images are displayed in a full-screen pop-up window, with a "close window" button.

Marconi model 451, 4-tube midget radio with top slide-rule dial and recessed side thumbwheel knobs. Justdial fashion night was an event that transformed employees into top super models and instilled in them self confidence and a cool attitude! Behind our freedom lies the blood that was shed by our freedom fighters who also laid down their lives. We also had a Matka making competition amongst the teams which left us marvelling about the creative minds we have!!!
This is how we work, we have fun at work and we make sure everyone along with us is having a good time.
We celebrate this freedom knowing it can be never taken for granted across 5 days, which we call the \"Azaadi Week\".

We celebrate this joyous festival for 5 days, during which acquaintances become friends.Gifts are exchanged and various activities are organized among different departments and the mood is joyous.
Navratri celebrations, Christmas celebrations, Diwali celebration, Kite flying festival, children’s day celebrations, Independence Day celebrations, Ganeshotsav, at Justdial all these events have bought much joy to our employees. We remember not only the martyrs but also the people who led the country to a new dawn while rest of the world slept at midnight.

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