The South Yorkshire Junction Railway ran from Wrangbrook Junction on the main line of the Hull & Barnsley Railway to a junction with the Great Central Railway lines to Barnsley, Sheffield and Doncaster at Lowfield Junction near Denaby in South Yorkshire. This view of Sprotborough station in about 1905 goes some way toward explaining why the South Yorkshire Junction line may have been so difficult to excavate. They were apparently placed with another white British family according to this BBC report, if that is the case then the council's position seems be untenable. We don't know whether that was a long term placement either, as that BBC report came out in 2012.
Don't take that as a swinging endorsement of UKIP policies, take that as empathy with the working classes.
Because they are what you would have to be to not be affected either by the massive cuts in public spending or mass immigration. It does not say but as the initial placement was a short term emergency one, I envisage this one was as well.
Racism is just a new word for saying you dont like someone, but now becoming seemingly more acceptable against one group of people by another group of people. I would argue that some use your line of reasoning as a way of shutting down debate around racial issues, just as some use the word itself to shut down certain arguments. I still stand by them doing that chip, not because they are racist but because the bigger the cultural gap between the children and the foster parents the worse the mental health outcomes are for the children. The social services have to make a judgement based on the child's best interests, not the foster parents. My point is, the more people like you bang on and on and on, about "links" and "rumours" between everyone and everything, the less everyone else will believe. You are wrapping it up in a "conspiracy theory" layer of tinfoil, and making everyone else treat it with the same amount of attention they give to Lizard Overlords and Moonbase Observation posts. I trust you have been doing ample research of your own to prove your concern for the plight of children in care in the hope that issues can be highlighted for positive change.
Due to your knowledge on the subject, I'm sure you can tell me how many children go missing each year?

Seems the former councillor responsible for children's services at Rotherham Council and the current South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright, has resigned from the Labour Party but not from his PCC role. Resignation offers too much retention of self esteem and they can always plead they were forced to do so, sack them all, every last one who turned a blind eye, ignored the evidence, failed to investigate or follow up accusations. Big n Daft - as someone who grew up in Rotherham I am rarely surprised by what I hear of the behaviour of the council and some of its members. MrsCat has just pointed out my error that it was 1400 children and that is more than the entire school population of the comp we both attended in sunny Rotherham.
Well worth reading Big n Daft's links, especially the blog that mentions the intimidation and threats the author received when trying to publicise the case of the victims.
Tom you were so careful to use the same language as Joyce Thacker about the culture of the foster parents that I thought you were in a common purpose with her?
Not sure either way about the whole common purpose thing, but heard before it may be an avenue worth investigating. It covers a lot of what we've already discussed, but it is nonetheless interesting as an extremely direct attack on authorities. The other article that Digga posted is a bit crap and rather typical of the unsavory elements of the right.
It wasn't only white girls and it's debatable whether they even targeted white girls selectively.
The Rotherham scandal seems temporarily to have silenced those who insist, every time a child-grooming case is exposed, that most paedophiles are white. It's a rather ingenious way of playing down the problem of child abuse by white men as something done by a minority of white men and accuse all Asian men of being child abusers.
Similar tactics have been used by American and South African media outlets to smear or "niggerize" the black community and (I really hate to do this) the single most similar example is Joseph Goebbels propaganda campaign. This painting represents what that author thinks herself as, a thin red line against a horde of brown savages. South African Travel & Geography - CONRAD LIGHTON - SISTERS OF THE SOUTH (pioneer stories) Timmins 1958 hardback ed.

Leaven: A Black And White Story - By Douglas Blackburn Reprint Edition, Soft Cover, Published By University Of Natal Press 1991Cover Boards Have Some Rubbing To The Edges. The South Yorkshire Junction Railway received its Act of Parliament on 14 August 1890 with an authorized capital of ?210,000 and powers to borrow an additional ?10,000, and opened for goods traffic on 1 September 1894. But then this is the council, who on release of the report, released a press release whose first paragraph said the the report concluded that its child services were stronger and better co-ordinated. If social services felt the new family were more likely to provide the children with a positive awareness of their own background then that's somewhat of a justification. Then prosecute each and every one of them to the absolute maximum possible for whatever offence will hit them hardest, minions to managers, administrators to leaders. I'm sure that there must be some excellent people but they seem to be continually overshadowed by their less capable colleagues. It's hard to conceive of something on that scale not being discovered without a significant amount of collusion or conspiracy. You also need top consider, of all the public sector bodies that have been demonstrated to have fallen below standards, how would the majority of their employees vote?
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. They were men of Pakistani heritage slaking their lust on young girls they regarded as white trash because they knew they could get away with it. The line was a nominally independent company formed under the auspices of the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery Company but was worked by the Hull & Barnsley Railway under an agreement of 1891.
The line was 11 miles 44 chains in length, and was heavily graded throughout, and there was a short (250 yd.) tunnel at Cadeby, 1? miles from Denaby.
Passenger service withdrawn on 1 February 1903, but goods traffic continued until final closure on 7 August 1967.

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