You can also press *69 or other numbers, depending on your location, and get the last number that was dialed to that phone.
Reverse lookup is available using a special reverse phone lookup book or through the internet.  The internet allows you to use your credit card or Paypal account to purchase a subscription to a service that will help you find out who is calling me for a small fee. There are a limited number of phone numbers listed in the reverse lookup books available from the phone company and they do not list cell phone numbers. If the person dialing your number presses *67, they are essentially blocking their number so that you cannot find out who is calling me no matter what service you use.
We are University of Utah students showing our school pride by sharing the news of the University with alumni, parents, and friends while giving them the opportunity to support this great institution.
Our students call to update records (Update Your Information Here), build relationships, share recent campus news and request financial support for the U. Did you know the University of Utah only receives 10.5% of its budget from the State of Utah?
Located at the Development Office on the University of Utah campus, our Phonathon team consists of a group of 50-60 students who make phone calls to alumni and friends of the U. Tony Gonzales moved to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah as a graduate student in the College of Education.

You can find out who is calling me by getting the person’s name off of that system or by doing a reverse lookup when you get the number.  You can, of course, find out who is calling me by dialing the number you get from *69 and asking the person who they are. The number is essentially blocked and the number comes up as “name unavailable” or “out of area”. While this support is appreciated, it requires the University to rely heavily on other sources of revenue to support our operations. With shifts running Monday -Thursday from 5-9, Friday 1-6 and Saturday 10-3, students have the flexibility to choose their own work schedule so school schedules do not interfere. In addition to becoming a Utah Man, Tony began working in the office of Admissions as the Associate Director of Student Recruitment and High School Services.
We are looking for enthusiastic students who love the U and want to connect with alumni about the great things happening on campus.
If your phone has a memory chip, it will list the last several names and numbers of who has tried to call you recently. This is so you won’t use the service illegally, such as for stalking someone or other illegal activity.

You will get the name and address of the person holding the phone number and you can find out who is calling me for free.
With the addition of funds received from tuition, grants, and private gifts, the U is able to offer a high quality education with distinguished faculty and a student experience that is anchored by a beautiful campus and Salt Lake City.
Student callers work a minimum of 13 hours a week so that they have the time to concentrate on their schoolwork.
Tony will be graduating in the Spring semester of 2016 and looks forward to assisting the U Phonathon Crew with reaching success in their personal and professional goals. You’re not confined to knowing who last called you but have the last twenty five names and numbers or so, depending on the type of phone you have. If you do try to find out who is calling me for illegal purposes, you will be caught through your Paypal account or through your credit card account.

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