Of course, this applies to any phone user but iPhone owners are more likely to be diverted by one of the thousands of engaging applications available.
I was in Vegas and I was walking and taking pictures when someone pushed me while passing by and dropped my precious iPhone on the floor and scratched it but I didn’t get hurt physically but emotionally I did cause the phone got scratched very bad !! February 12, 2015 Posted by Contributor It was revealed that the number of smartphone theft has been considerably lower since the introduction of a smartphone kill-switch that renders the phone unusable when not in the hands of its owner.
The smartphone kill-switch has been proposed by law enforcement officials and the recent numbers are encouraging enough to state that the smartphone kill-switch is proof that the new technology is a deterrent to theft.
The kill-switch is a simple software lock that can be activated remotely when a phone is stolen or lost.
It was revealed that in San Francisco, smartphone robberies were down 20% from 2013 to 2014 and thefts and robberies of iPhone fell a whopping 40% during the same time period.

When it was first proposed, the smartphone industry opposed the introduction of the smartphone kill-switch, but in time, they because more acceptant. You use it to check your emails, make phone calls, send text messages and even play video games. According to data released yesterday, the numbers of robberies and thefts of smartphones in New York, London and San Francisco are falling thanks to the smartphone kill-switch. If activated, the smartphone kill-switch can wipe all personal data from the phone and render it completely useless (unable to be reused or reprogrammed). The new law will come into effect after July 1 and it will apply to all smartphones that are sold in the state of California. Why do I have to look in my phone book (whether in paper, on my phone or computer) to find your number?

When Google released the latest Android operating system, Android Lollipop, it made the smartphone kill-switch a standard feature of Android. His accident caused me to trip and bash my shin cause I was laughing so hard I fell as I was stepping into the tram. Check out this NY Times article (spotted via TUAW) that states that over 1,000 people found themselves in emergency rooms in 2008 because they were distracted while walking.
Why cana€™t I tell my phone to a€?Call Joea€? and have my phone call you no matter where you are?On the internet, when I want to go to Google, I dona€™t first look up Googlea€™s IP address in my address book.

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