We Offer Eicher 11.10 Trucks and Buses (ETB) is a business area of VECV (50-50 joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Limited). We Offer Light Commercial Truck, Commercial Trucks, Eicher Trucks, Trucks, Light Commercial Vehicles Etc. We Offer Eicher Terra 25 is a 25 Ton GVW construction tipper that knows and understands whata??s expected of it. We are offering Pallet trucks are used to short-haul pallets or other large items of freight.

We Offer Tippers, Eicher Terra, Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Commercial Vehicle, Tipper Truck, Hydraulic Tipper, Mining Tippers Etc. We are renowned as an eminent Truck Mounted Material Handler Manufacturer and Supplier, based in India. This truck is a good alternative to 25 ton GVW 10 tyre trucks because it carries up to 6 ton extra payload and earns up to 35% per higher revenues at marginal higher operating expenses. Engineered for tough terrains, and even tougher conditions, the Terra 25 delivers with uncompromising authority.

A piston raises the load enough for the operator to maneuver the cargo; these devices may be derive power from manual, electric, or petrol sources. Truck Mounted Material Handler is designed as per the latest technological advancements and market demands.

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