Targeting is selecting your audience based on preset criteria such as age group or location. Yellow Pages United is reinventing the phone book through 15 years of environmentally friendly innovation. Canadian digital media company Yellow Pages is hoping to drive local commerce ahead of the holiday season with its “Shop The Neighbourhood” social campaign. The corporate social responsibility campaign aims to encourage shoppers to support local merchants and businesses through a variety of multimedia and social media tactics.
Yellow Pages is promoting the campaign in an effort to curb some of the cross-border shopping that is negatively impacting Canadian merchants. Yellow Pages hopes the marketing effort will bolster local businesses’ revenue and entice consumers to shop locally year-round. While the campaign is being promoted via traditional marketing methods as well, including TV and radio, Yellow Pages is striving to integrate its content with social and mobile platforms to reach the widest audience possible.
Yellow Pages is also promoting the event with a series of mobile-optimized YouTube videos, including local merchants discussing the importance of the campaign, and a look back at last year’s event, which saw about 1,800 merchants and 58 neighbourhoods participate.

The company is asking consumers in the Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa areas to make a holiday purchase in a local business on Nov.
Yellow Pages will enter participating businesses’ information into its extensive database and syndicates to all primary search engines. Online marketing is changing because consumers are taking the Internet with them wherever they go. Advancements in IT and GPS allow advertisers to pinpoint ads based on demographics and location.
If you want Chinese food, Google picks up your location from GPS and shows you what is right around the corner. Yellow Pages United  is not affiliated with any other Yellow Pages company that might be mentioned in this article and is not affiliated with AT&T or your local directory publisher. Canadians’ cross-border shopping in the United States increased by 72 percent between 2006 and 2012, according to a Statistics Canada study. Consumers and businesses looking to get involved may participate via the #shopthehood hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Any stores that plan to offer incentives for consumers will have their promotion displayed in a category for the Shop The Neighbourhood campaign on the Yellow Pages mobile application. Trends like targeted ads will shape the future of mobile advertising and create a new landscpage for digital advertising that small businesses can cash in on. With today’s technology, small businesses can focus tight marketing campaigns that target criteria such as location and social demographics. Mobile advertising is the new wave, and targeted ads will be a powerful tool for business growth. The ads on the affected accounts change to represent local businesses with focused products for their targeted audience.

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