I thought with Easter right around the corner, (8 days to be exact) this would be the perfect flower to learn how to draw because it is a traditional Easter yellow. Okay this is going to be a very easy tutorial, first what you are going to do is draw out the guidelines and circle shapes to form the shape of the yellow hibiscus. Now here in this step what you are going to be doing is shaping the pedals into their true form. This is a very short step because all you will have to do is sketch out the jagged edges of the yellow hibiscus leaves. Some information on this flower would be helpful I think, for starters this Hibiscus has over 200 species in the same family, seven of which are native Hawaiian Hibiscus. These leaves resemble those thick hard pointy leaves found on some roses and other popular flowers.

Known to local Hawaiians as the pua aloalo in the Hawaiian language, it is the state flower. Next, thicken the stem by drawing two lines on both sides of the guideline you just previously drew in step 1. After you sketch out the detailing on the leaves you can proceed onto the next step which is step 4. Now draw tiny little circles for the colorful seeds that lay perfectly erect in the middle of this beautiful flower. After your sketch looks like the one above, erase all the guidelines and circle shapes you drew in step 1.
It wasn't until 1988, that the yellow hibiscus which is native to the islands was selected to represent Hawaii.

Now, a group of woman initially wanted to beautify Honolulu and its surrounding areas by planting beautiful trees and flowers, so what they did was form a group called “The Outdoor Circle” back in 1912, but is wasn’t until 1920 that this group chose all colors of the hibiscus, their official Territorial flower. In addition to the yellow hibiscus, each Hawaiian island has its own designated official flower. Oahu’s flower is the yellow ilima, the Big Islands has a red ohia as their flower, Maui’s flower is a pink lokelani, Molokai has the white kukui blossom, Lanai’s flower is the beautiful kaunaoa, Niihau uses the white pupu shell as their official flower, and lastly Kauai, they use the mokihana, this is not a flower at all, it is actually a green berry only found on the slopes of Mount Waialelae.
Just looking at the sheer beauty that these plants have can make anyone’s gloomy day turn into a bright sun filled experience.

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