A quick update as it has been pointed out in the comments that Zombieland Rule #5 would appear to be No Attachments. As with Rule 8, this series of promotional posters reveals a couple of new rules from Zombieland. When you arrive at the registration tent, you will be given a flag belt with three health flags on it. If you make it to the finish line with at least one health flag, you are a Zombie Race Survivalist.
Do not hide the health flags under your clothes, or tuck them into your clothes in any way. Zombies will not physically contact any runner except when trying to pull off a health flag.
Every runner should check in at the Check-In tent  1 hour before the start time and show up to the start line 15 minutes before the race takes off. If you need to use the restroom, please use the designated restrooms before you start the race. All people at the event agree to allow the City of Tullahoma to use any videos or photos of the event that they are in for marketing purposes.
All instructions from the race staff, security, and medical personnel must be abided by all runners and spectators. If you feel that you cannot complete the race or feel unsafe, it is your responsibility to remove yourself from the race.
If you are wearing a costume, please make sure that it cannot injure you or any of your fellow race mates on or off the course. If you appear to be injured or suffering, medical personnel reserves the right to examine you.

Participants must sign a legal disclaimer stating they will accept full responsibility for any and all medical expenses incurred due to participating in the Zombie Run. No picking up flags that may be on the ground… that is cheating and no one likes a cheater. You must never make contact with the Zombies in attempt to push them out of your way or even knocking their arms out of the way.
You may wear anything you like (we hope you dress up!) but you must be able to get a flag belt around your waste and a race bib attached to your chest.
You must never make contact with the living in attempt to stall them or capture their flags. We recommend you arrive 2 hours prior to race time, to allow ample time to park, check-in and head over to makeup and find your station on the course. We are creating an authentic Zombie apocalypse experience for all, so you must remain in character for the entire time you are on the race course. At the 2012 WOMM-U session hosted by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, Geno Church, of Brains on Fire, taught us all the “10 Rules for Your Community to Survive a Zombie Attack.” The rules and keynote presentation, in all their cartoony, gory glory, were gleefully hand-drawn and digitally colored by me . As a participant in the Zombie Run Challenge you get chased by Zombies while trying to complete the race. But don’t worry, if you can make it to the Safe Zone at the finish line you will be human again! Their job is to chase you and eat you – but mainly go after your health, in the form of your flag belt.
You do not become a zombie if you lose all of your health flags, and cannot attack other runners. Any grabbing, pushing, or striking between zombies and runners will result in being escorted out of the race without a refund.

You must sign in at the starting line with your bib # attached to an article of clothing on the front of your body if you are a runner.
This includes but is not limited to ambulance service, hospitalization, surgical procedures, and physician services in and out of a hospital setting. Shoving, pushing, defending your flag, or any aggressive behavior will not be tolerated in the Run Challenge. The City of Tullahoma will provide make-up to help you get ready to chase after the living. All Zombies will head onto the race course 30 minutes prior to the start time, so please arrive early. Staff will be there to give some final tips before a group marches you out onto the race course.
Complete the run with any or all of the flags and you will be a survivor – among the elite! Even diving for a flag is permitted (especially if you see someone who is over confident in their survival skills). The Zombies on the course are hungry and will be wandering the course trying to take your flag and infect you! Please check in at the Check-in tent 1 hour before the start time to pick up your bib number and health flags. As zombies overtake the traditional marketing world, it was inevitable that they would break through the boarded windows of the Word of Mouth Marketing world… in a series of drawings depicting rules to survive a zombie attack.

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