Ryan junior wide receiver Trent Willis (21) changes direction after making a catch as Flower Mound Marcus senior defensive back Dylan Ward (5) moves in, Friday, October 12, 2012, at C.H. Friday’s game between Flower Mound Marcus and Ryan turned into a battle of the recovering wounded and the soon-to-be hurt.Ryan’s quarterback was the recovering wounded.
Until we know which team is which, better play it safe in the early rounds of survivor football. Although as is the case with survivor football, you will look like a complete idiot if they lose. In a 32 teams league, it might not sound like that big of a deal, but is it really worth advancing one measly week in exchange for using your Green Bay Packers pick early? Bears QB Jay Cutler has his BFF Brandon Marshall back (they both posted their best numbers together in Denver).
Their offense looks to be pretty deadly week to week with QB Matt Stafford and WR Calvin Johnson fast becoming one of the best tandems in the game. Drew Brees put up insane numbers because he was required to throw the ball to keep the game on an even keel due to the Saints’ lackluster secondary.
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Add in the fact that they are playing a Colts team in flux and the game is happening outdoors, and you’ve got my pick of the week.
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It was the first District 5-5A game for both schools.Raiders junior quarterback Mitchell Bridges returned to the starting lineup after missing three games with a broken fibula.
The only thing to watch out for would be if Indy gets behind early and rookie QB (and future greatest of all time) Andrew Luck starts throwing bombs.
The reason those two guys put up such huge numbers is because Detroit is involved in a lot of shootouts.
The Rams were pretty heavily touted to win the NFC West last year… and fell flat on their faces. Bridges completed 12 of 23 passes for 174 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions.Bridges said his left leg was very sore after the game, but he said he felt good. They’ve picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and are looking to prove last year was an ugly anomaly. Bridges led Ryan’s offense to 15 points in the second quarter, giving the Raiders (3-2, 1-0 district) all the points it needed for the victory.“We got the feel of the game better,” Bridges said of the Raiders in the second quarter. Plus, the Bears will play the Packers and Lions twice this year, so there are at least four games I would not recommend picking them to win. Third year QB Sam Bradford is another year wiser, WR Danny Amendola is healthy and star defensive player James Laurinaitis just signed a huge new contract. The kids were also taught how to play a game called spoons which is quite vishious if you ask them.
Cade’s older brother, junior Cole Erwin, is out for the year with a knee injury.On their first possession, the Marauders drove the ball from its own 25-yard line to the Ryan 27-yard line.

On fourth-and-4, Erwin took the ball down the right sideline, picked up the first down and was leveled as he was going out of bounds.Erwin was on his back on Ryan’s sidelines for a couple of minutes before gingerly walking across the field. The run was called back because of a holding penalty, and Marcus punted the ball to the Ryan 12-yard line.After the game, Erwin was in street clothes as the team huddled around its head coach and Erwin’s father, Bryan Erwin. He was on crutches and there was a bulky, black cast reaching all the way beyond his knee.“I felt bad for him, because his brother got hurt earlier in the year,” Bridges said. He finished with 94 yards on 24 carries.Bridges missed one play in the third quarter after he got the wind knocked out of him.
Willis leaped into the air and came down with the ball and strolled into the end zone.“Trent’s made some big plays all year,” Ryan head coach Joey Florence said.
I thought the line blocked really well, gave pass protection and Mitchell made a great throw. Williams all agreed that Friday night might have been Ryan’s best all-around performance.“This is showing us that we can take it in 5A,” Williams said.
I’m going to enjoy this win for the rest of the weekend.”BEN BABY can be reached at 940-566-6869.

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