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706105 146631An extremely fascinating read, I may possibly not concur completely, but you do make some really valid points. Introduced at Modern Day Marine 2010, the 300 AAC Blackout silent cartridge gives you a choice of a 123gr (123-grain MC 300BLK) Hornady, 155gr (155-grain OTM 300BLK), or 220gr OTM (Open-Tip Match) subsonic bullet, depending on what kind of tactical problem one needs to solve with extreme prejudice. While “Stickman” over at Military Times GearScout seems pretty gung-ho on the 300 AAC Blackout cartridge, Defense Review is reserving judgement until we can gauge U.S. The 300 AAC Blackout is a wildcat cartridge, and DR has seen a lot of wildcat cartridges come and go over the years. The good news for the .300 BLK cartridge is that it was created by AAC, which means it has the backing of Freedom Group, which is a pretty large and powerful organization. Reloading dies available from Forster products, Reamers and headspace guages available from Pacific Tool and Gauge.
Overview of the AAC 300BLK development, comparisons to other common ammunition, ballistics info, and host weapon system comparisons.
For subsonic, there are special requirements and nearly all published loads are non-optimal for the 300 BLK upper. Just like VHS did to Beta, one of the two competing formats that do the exact same thing seems to be winning. The new DPMS 300-AAC Blackout merges a DPMS A-15 (A-15 is DPMS’ receiver model name) lower with an upper chambered for .300 BLK. This DPMS is either equipped with an AAC Blackout suppressor adapter, or an inert, slipover mock suppressor.
Being that Freedom Group owns DPMS, Remington Arms and Advanced Armament Corp., it’s no surprise that DPMS is on the Blackout bandwagon. Though we can appreciate the fact that DPMS has introduced a model with an inert slipover mock suppressor for “educational purposes,” we can’t imagine a lot of the AR-crowd will go for it. Book of the AR-15 has spent the last 10 months evaluating this DPMS model featuring a 16-inch barrel with AAC suppressor adapter. Unless you enjoy practicing trigger manipulation, we’d guarantee that you’ll want to replace the factory “Mil-Spec” trigger. Yes, while the .300 Blackout isn’t supposed to require special bolts and magazines, we’ve found that the DPMS 300-AAC is magazine sensitive. This system was developed to launch 30 caliber projectiles from the AR platform without a reduction in magazine capacity and compatible with the standard bolt. Infosheet on the AAC 300BLK PDW 9″ AR upper, as well as the specially-developed 762-SD-N silencer. This entry was posted on Thursday, September 30, 2010, 12:41 AM and is filed under Cool Stuff, Military News, Weapons Stuff. Here is the fun part: The people who actually use the aforementioned calibers will tell you that the broad selection of bullet weights sucks.
Recreational shooters have begun to use alternative calibers in their AR-15s and one of the newer rounds is the .300 ACC Blackout.

Basic rifle training doctrine wouldn’t need to change, since it would be the exact same as the M-16.
I seemed on the internet for the difficulty and located many people will go along with together together with your web site.
In thought I want to put in writing like this moreover ?taking time and actual effort to make a very good article?however what can I say?I procrastinate alot and certainly not appear to get one thing done. When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I was an M249 SAW gunner (and many other weapon platforms) for the 101st ABN for the 2003 liberation of Iraq from the Saddam regime.
In fact, from a 9 inch barrel, the 300BLK has more muzzle energy than 5.56mm M855 from a 16 inch barrel.
Many existing loads were developed for Thompson Center® single-shot pistols, or for ARs by people not aware of the magazine limitations. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), instrument rated private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. I actually ordered one online for a little over a thousand greenbacks but was too late to get it at that price. The M4-style adjustable stock, A2 grip and Mil-Spec controls won’t make headlines—but the new chamber should.
As a result of this 2012 introduction, DPMS hopes to gain attention on dealer shelves with the inert suppressor model and clear up common misconceptions and educate its customers about the advantages of legal suppressor ownership. We used a six-o’clock rail to attach a bipod for prone shoot- ing, and it never loosened or bent when the bipod was loaded. Though it may seem cool to have an SBR-looking suppressed rifle, most of us realize that one pull of the trigger on a covered range screams I HAVE A FAKE CAN OVER HERE! DPMS should really develop a forend that extends nearer to the muzzle in order to balance the rifle’s profile. I've made sure my kids aren't brainwashed by the liberals, they think nothing about silencers or EBR's Now the neighboors are a whole other story Same.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to write and publish this article before we left on our trip to Paris (France). Because the bullet is a larger diameter, the rib will push the cartridges out of alignment, and can lead to binding potentially resulting in Failures to Feed. Now it seems that they’re finally hopping on the 300 Blackout express and making complete upper receivers as well as ammunition in the new caliber . I received a call about a month later explaining that they had discontinued that model but had the new model in stock for about 14 hundred. As if an unshrouded barrel without front sight block isn’t long enough, when you ratchet the AAC 7.62 suppressor to the muzzle, the suppressed barrel length appears as if Pinocchio was caught telling another lie. Try and do anything else besides punching small holes from a fixed position and you’ll succumb to the effects of its overall length.
Pull through one crunch, hold, take a breath, exhale slowly, and pull through another stage.

Not because the weapon itself, but the weight of all the ammo I needed to lug around in unbearable conditions. Or choose subsonic cartridges for optimal use with a sound suppressor – 220 grain Sierra OTM (open-tip match) bullets vastly outperforms a 9mm MP5-SD in penetration and long range accuracy.
For this reason, it is important to load ammunition so that the contact point with the magazine rib is on the bullet ogive in an area of about 0.250 inch diameter.
It appears to have been inspired by the RAHG forend developed by DPMS’ Freedom Group-cousin Remington Defense, and joins a trend toward modular handguards that allow three sides to receive various-length rail segments. Consider this: The overall length of the barrel with AAC suppressor attached measures 243?8 inches.
Offhand shooting is a tiring affair after a few shots, and we suspect that your local SWAT officer won’t be clearing rooms with this 24-inch pipe. If you can overcome the poor trigger, this rifle could be a one-MOA hole-puncher all day—except with polymer-tipped ammunition. The ammo eventually ripped my ruck sack apart in Baghdad about two days after victory was claimed in the city. AA1680 is recommended because its bulk density matches the case capacity and it will generate enough gas pressure to cycle the weapon.
The user can choose to place rails anywhere along each side, or nowhere for tube-like handling. If you consider that the M111 free-float tube measures just 91?4 inches, you can imagine that the length of barrel beyond the forend is like adding a whole other barrel.
Take the suppressor off and it performs like a .30-caliber AR-10 in the reduced size of an AR-15. Though the model with inert can arrives with an elevation- adjustable A2 front sight assembly, the suppressor-ready model has no sights.
If you haven’t lost count or tired out, after about five little crunches, you’ll finally arrive to the sound of a gunshot. Not only do mounting screws lock rail segments in place, but strips of serrations cleverly work to better secure the add-ons against recoil that can loosen torque-set screws. It will be a bit of a disappointment for those at the retail counter needing to shell out some extra money for BUIS or optics, but most DPMS customers with flat top rifles are already accustomed to this. I always used the M249 for its intended purpose of suppressive cover fire, and did not really need accuracy or power.
I had a Calico M100 .22cal before entering the army and liked the fact that it held 100rds in a stock magazine for the light weight rifle.
Of course the rounds would have to be highly percussively acoustic as so to give the enemy the impression that we are firing a much more powerful round than it really is (like a flash bang grenade, the bark is worse than the bite).
As far as the M4 goes I believe it’s fine as far as what it is natively chambered for and is the most versatile weapon system that I have come to love.

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