Pixel Sorting is a form of glitch art that uses computer processing to resample an image to create interesting artwork. Authentic linocut and woodcut illustrations require a variety of specialist tools, patience and skill, but there’s a way to have fun producing similar artwork styles but with the safety net of the Undo button. Some of my readers might know I ride my own custom bike and love the design style surrounding the motorcycle culture. I have a new free download for everyone this week that will help you create some really cool sci-fi and tech themed designs.
Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. Until now, programming software was required to achieve this effect, but I’ve managed to create a Photoshop Action that realistically mimics the results. My free set of 25 brushes for Adobe Illustrator help you carve your own designs digitally while achieving the linocut and woodcut look. I’ve been busy illustrating and constructing a bunch of vector graphics to create a free motorcycle themed logo template kit.

These 12 spheres are made in a variety of different abstract styles, resulting in detailed graphics that work perfectly as planets and stars, microscopic organisms, or high-tech illustrations in your artwork. I thought I’d treat my readers and make this year’s first post a new free design resource for everyone to download!
A number of people seemed to find them useful, so today I’m back with another free collection of video resources! This Action actually allows you to apply and control the effect to a much greater degree than the original processing methods. Choose from a range of brush shapes, including tapered strokes, texture fills, split brushes and edge shading to construct your illustrations with realistic techniques, but in less time and without the frustration of making a permanent mistake! They’re all 100% vector, so you can open them in Adobe Illustrator and scale them to any size, making them extremely versatile for use in all kinds of print and web based projects. This collection of grain textures features 9 high resolution scans that help you add grungy distressed effects to your artwork. This pack of blue light flare transitions contains 14 short videos of bright flashes that help you create high-tech style transitions between your clips.

Choose from a Hard or Soft result, then select the relevant Action to apply the pixel sorting effect to the highlights, midtones, shadows, or a custom area of your image.
Easily build logos, emblems, badges and t-shirt designs for custom garages, bike clubs and more! They’re actually made from scatterings of tea granules, which turn out to make great design resources as well as hot beverages! Place them over your footage, then set the composite mode to Screen (or experiment with the other blending modes for different effects).
Each of the 9 textures has various levels of dispersion and is available in JPG and PNG format with transparency to allow you to find the best texture to work with your design.

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