Ironically enough, I have been working on my preparedness post for a few weeks and last night we had an earthquake. I live in Utah, so all you ever hear about is 72-hour emergency kits and 6-month food supply. A long time ago when I was about 9 I remember watching a documentary about the 1989 earthquake in California. I love having these, and while putting them together for 8 people can add up in price, we try to keep the cost as low as possible.
Now we’ve moved to Mississippi, where there is a very real and pressing threat of tornadoes and hurricanes. I’m a total prepper, and though we have our 72 hour bags ready, I love this series that you’re doing! Christina, it totally is such a huge project, and we’ve kind of got it down to a system every 6 months. I share my love for saving money, do-it-yourself projects, organizing, crafts, and WAHM Life on my blog One Cheap Utah Chick.

72-hour kits are meant to go with you in case of an evacuation or situation where you must leave your home. Food doesn’t last forever, so make a point to check and swap out items in your kit every six months. For young children who cannot carry their own kit, one parent should be responsible for that child and have their items in their kit.
Make sure every family member knows what to do in an emergency,where to meet, who is responsible for what, etc. You can also subscribe to One Cheap Utah Chick so that you receive new posts and my monthly newsletter in your inbox.
We used to live in Oregon, where the most likely reason for needing these would be an earthquake.
I have often wondered what to put in a pack for kids – this just makes it so much simpler! For example, most pre-made kits don’t have items for infants or children with food allergies.

I made some emergency kits, but my husband teased me about being paranoid, since earthquakes are so rare there. Then work on adding things you have around the house (canned goods, first aid, toiletries, etc.), then start buying the other items. I remember as a kid we had no power for a few days following the huge Chatsworth Earthquake. We were prepared because we wanted to survive if a nasty earthquake hit — and they did.

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