This series is all about making it simple and do-able to get a 72 hour kit put together for you and your family.
Consider the pros and cons of the following options as you decide which will work best for your family. Not much!  Since the food we included does not require any prep, we did not need to add any of these items!  However, in the past I have had a multi-tool and wing stove in my kit because of their light weight.
Leave me a comment and tell me how you will cook the food in your kit and what you will include to make that possible.  What are you adding?  Why?  What will you be doing this week?
If you don’t want to copy the entire policy (some of these are thick!), at least have the contact information for your agent and your policy numbers handy. Originals in a safety deposit box at a bank.A  These are secure, but consider if you really want to be going to the bank in the event of a regional or wide spread disaster. Originals gathered together at home in a place where you can grab them all and go quickly, but they are not easily accessible or located by those who might have an interest in stealing your identity.A  A fire-proof safe or fire resistant document bag in a discreet location is perfect. Scanned copies uploaded to an online data storage service like Amazon cloud (free unlimited photo storage for Amazon prime members), or Dropbox.

Scanned or photocopies at a location other than your home, like a trusted friend or family member’s house. The only drawback to storing files digitally would be if the disaster was so widespread that there was no access to computers or internet networks anywhere.A  While possible, the most common emergencies will be local or personal and your scanned files will be accessible from a computer away from your home. What about you?A  What documents do you have in your emergency kit?A  Leave me a comment below with any ideas or suggestions. Please be sure to follow Food Storage and Survival on Facebook which is updated every time there is a new article. Shop the Thrive Monthly Specials or my favorites, the freeze dried vegetables and yogurt bites! Hunting with Kids Made Comfortable and Effective with Advantage Blinds Another Game of a€?What If?a€? 5 Ways An EMP Could Kill Your Car Watch: Left-Wing Americans Sign Petition Banning Religion And Politics In Public The Penny Pinching Prepper Helps You Save and Survive Industry Professional to Lead Marketing at Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.
Whatever fire starting methods you choose to pack in your kit, make sure you know how to use them to get a fire started, even under adverse conditions.  This might take some practicing! Try to keep your fire starting methods compact and light weight, especially if you are planning on carrying your kit for any distance.

I absolutely believe in getting help starting a fire, especially if it is something you struggle with under non-stressful circumstances!  Here are some of my favorite helps to get your fire going strong that are easy to carry in your kit as well. While you're here, be sure to read my blog disclosure, disclaimer, and Privacy Policy pages!
You can also find me on Pinterest, and purchase my book, Food Storage for Self Sufficiency and Survival on Amazon. Just take one small baby step each week and in 6 months you will have a well stocked, personalized kit!

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