Each individual bag will have clothes, food, water, and warmth items for that specific person.
I had a big hodge-podge of stuff in my kits from various times I’ve re-organized them in the past.
Matching up my actual supplies with the list posted earlier this week helped me find a few things I need to get. As mentioned above, I do have enough 3600 calorie bars for each person (needed to buy one more for my youngest child). To finish up I am going to type up a contents list of what is in each bag so that when I am looking for a specific item in an emergency I can know where to find it.

We’re Jodi and Julie, two busy moms who like to share what we learn while we build and use our Food Storage.
The three-part ebook program teaches you how to build a food storage with checklists, an encyclopedia, and a recipe appendix.
This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a Relief Society Super Saturday all about Emergency Preparedness. The idea is to have one of these "Go Bags" for each family member and have them in their rooms where it will be easy to grab and go. This page should be filled out for each family member and put in a small binder or three ponged folder and put in  their "Go Bag".

We were lucky to have these buckets donated to us, they are from a dairy and are sherbet containers, thus the wording "Citric" on the lid.

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