If you've ever walked into a Zara store, you know that you never, ever walk out empty handed. In fact, one peek at this season's look book proves the styles in store right now are killer, and the price tags are even better. Wait for the roads to be plowed and treated before venturing out – road surface condition is the single most important safety factor during a winter weather event.
Do not use cruise control and avoid tailgating – normal following distances of three to four seconds for dry pavement should be increased to eight to 10 seconds when driving on icy, slippery surfaces.
Take your foot of the brake or accelerator and steer in the direction you want the front of the vehicle to go. When the front wheels have regained their grip, steer the wheels gently in the desired direction of travel and begin to accelerate slowly.

If you are involved in an accident, knowing what your policy covers is important protection. Comprehensive coverage reimburses drivers for theft, vandalism, flooding and damage from fallen objects, such as ice-covered tree branches.
A playground for bargain hunters, the international fast-fashion giant always delivers budget-friendly, on-trend style buys. Although hitting the brakes is a typical response, slamming the brakes will only further upset the vehicle’s balance and make it harder to regain control. However, it does not cover wear and tear to a car or its tires due to bad road conditions or potholes. If your car is damaged by falling ice, comprehensive insurance will cover it (minus the deductible).

So when it comes time to shop for Winter, you know we're going to turn to Zara for new looks that won't break the bank. If you apply pressure and the wheels lock momentarily, you might feel the brake pedal pulse back against your foot. If your car crashes on ice or a snow-covered road, that would fall under the collision portion of your policy (minus the deductible).

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