Erdinkhuu’s Land Cruiser is a fair bit nicer than his old Russian Jeep from several seasons back.
The hiking on the mountain behind camp provided some awesome views of the valley and a chance to visit the ovoo (shrine) on the peak. Fishing this day with Ichiro Nagai (another confirmed taimen freak and holder of many IGFA world records) was a treat. Around midweek it was time for me to move the family down to open the lower camp in preparation for the incoming guests.

We took time to visit the inscription rock (see last year’s report) and marveled at the haunting valley of ancient burial mounds, most of which date to around the 4th and 5th centuries. Fishing was pretty good for the first week, with everyone in camp landing a 3 footer or two.
After the first week of guests, it was time for the family to head home for work and school.
Sometimes, even the best anglers tire of the drudgery of casting a 9 or 10 weight all day with a muppet tied to the end.

As the larch needles turned from green to blazing yellow, the river seemed ready to close up shop for another winter under the ice.
The photos evoked great memories of my two expeditions there and the several large Taimen you, Bayaraa and I landed.

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