Visible over 20 miles, durable LEXAN® polycarbonate mirror with mil-spec retro-Reflective aiming aid allows you to see the signal in the sky for more accurate aiming. If you are looking for hard wearing clothing check our Army and Navy store its great for Birthdays Christmas or just an original Gift at ArmynNavy we have got some thing Different from the rest of the Army Surplus stores check out our Binocular section our Torch Section we have all the top brands Sure fire Maglite Princeton Tech We have a over a thousand products in our surplus store and loading more army surplus goodies all the time. UPS SurePost: This is our free shipping option and is a partnership where UPS carries your package & then passes it to the US Postal Service for final delivery. Adventure Medical Kits Weekender Medical Kit - The Weekend Medical Kit by Adventure Medical Kits, a best-seller for over 15 years. If this item is out of stock, please order it online and we will ship it to you immediately upon arrival. FREE Shipping on every order over $49 to anywhere in the continental USA (via economy ground)! Shipped via motor freight (18-wheeler), delivered to your house or business address in the continental US.
Not only will you love your new gear from Outdoorplay (see our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee), but we guarantee every product we sell to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. We know that making an investment in your gear involves a number of decisions, including evaluating the best price.
If you find a lower price on an identical product from one of our competitors, you're covered under our Price Match Guarantee. Adventure Medical Kit World Travel Medical Kit - The World Travel Kit by Adventure Medical Kits contains the supplies you need when traveling to remote locations where medical assistance may be hours or days away. I am a fan of your medical kits and just saw that the one of your Travel Kits had a suture kit in it, good idea. After an all-night flight to Santiago, Chile, last year, I passed out a pack of AMK’s Fresh Bath Travel Wipes to everyone in our group right before hitting the tarmac.

The Risk of Travelers Diarrhea (TD) is higher than malaria: it is the most common affliction when heading overseas. I just came back from a ten day surf trip down to Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica and I had to send you some photos because to be honest, my Adventure Medical Kit saved my entire trip. 20-50% of all travelers experience stomach ailments or diarrhea on their trips with the number reaching 70% in some developing countries.
The Weekender kit is designed for trips ranging from a weekend camping trip up to a week-long trek. I am pretty happy with the stuff included and added few more personal things for my family. We feel that the prices you see listed on our website are among the most competitive you will find from an authorized dealer for the brands we carry. We’ll match their price, which means you can enjoy shopping with Outdoorplay and not worry that you’d be getting a better deal elsewhere!
Recommended for travel to developing nations, international relief work, or adventure travel involving high-risk activities, the World Travel provides you with with useful and necessary supplies. I just got back from a few months in Colombia with a smaller  Travel Kit that did not have the sutures. The World Travel kit is designed for trips like yours, with comprehensive wound-care supplies and a large suite of medications for pain, flu, and stomach maladies.
It was rejuvenating.And, the antibacterial properties actually do more than refresh, they function to prevent the most common travel related illness – travelers’ diarrhea. According to the Centers for Disease Control, TD affects 30-50% of all travelers to high-risk areas. Over 10 million people per year contract a lethal disease such as HIV and Hepatitis through the re-use of needles.

I got the World Traveler kit last summer when I went down to Costa Rica to surf the first time because it was designed for travel to Third World Countries.  This time that kit came in handy as I ended up taking a fin above my eye and getting a minor gash in my forehead. Prepare before you go by scheduling an appointment with a travel medicine physician and getting prescription medications for diarrheal illness. If you are going traveling, Backpacking, working or whether you are in the Army Airforce or Navy we have it. With Easy Care organization, it is simple to find the right supplies & to administer medical care. Fill out the return form on the back of the invoice you received and send it with the product. Complete with a full complement of wound care supplies as well as medications to treat common travel ailments including stomach upset, dehydration, pain, and allergies.
Some Colombian military guys came by and stitched me up with a sewing needle, needless to say it was not pleasant.
TD is essentially food poisoning, which occurs when consuming food or water that is contaminated by bacteria, parasites, or viruses. This pack is the perfect balance between affordability and carrying the suppiles you need to handle most backcountry emergencies.
I actually like to have this one in my emergency pack as it's almost perfectly sufficient for that purpose.

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