This hairstyle is awesomely natural and charming to look at; after all, everything that is natural is awesomely beautiful. You can always crop your hair in such a way that it envelops around your head in short dreadlocks. Copyright © 2015 GlobezHair, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark. Because of the unique characteristics of black hair, a seemingly endless variety of hairstyles is possible with it. Short and cool, the curly hair gives you a boyish look which is awesomely attractive and charming. Look at the dreadlocks on top which go down naturally beyond the shoulders—it is fantastically cool and appealing. The kinky hair which creates a halo-like effect around one’s head is quite fantastic to look at. This hairstyle arranged the hair in dreadlocks, giving you a typical reggae look, which is definitely cool and fantastic at the same time. The long curly hair is formed into dreadlocks and pulled backward to give you a clear awesome look of your face. Cool and refreshing, your face is awesomely clear and refreshingly attractive with this hairstyle. For curly kinky hair, this hairstyle is definitely a nice addition to the long list of known black hairstyles.
Likewise, the short locks give your head a round shape which is awesomely cool and charming. Cool and exciting, the natural curly hair flows naturally around your head giving you a shaggy, yet unaffected look which is fantastically cool and charming.
I think relaxers and extensions in braids are not so bad because women with it do not necessarily wanna copy white women with the resultant look of the hair styles while they are done. They are just enhancing thier hair in a way may be to be softer and easy to comb or to look longer when its braided but I have serious issues with weaves that covers ur scalp and Gods given hair completely in order to mimic a white woman's hair.
I don't know why ladies dont get that.I have had women really take me as an enemy just because I explain to them that they look more beautiful if they do something with their natural hair. Picture this, a white lady will admire a black woman's hair only if she sees typical black styles like cornrows, braids, afro puffs and all that. 1) Cos she knows the weaves are fake, they are not ur hair anyway 2) Cos she can't be thrilled cos she has a better, natural form of the hair u are trying to copy on her head, she doesnt have to buy it so she doesnt care if u bought the fake hair with ur entire salary of a month3) On the other hand, she can only admire what she can never have or cant have easily even if she wants to try such as ur afro, ur braids etcSo if black women are wise, they should be a proponent of trying to make typical black hairstyles look cool not quickly jump into defensive anytime the weave issues are raised just as if those who are concerned about the damaging politics of weaves like us just want to bash black women.. Remember u want to die mimicking their own hair cos they make it lool cool?Do u know why black women are conditioned by the media and businesses to love weaves? They get to sell it to u, its a billion dollar business going from poor blacks pocket to already rich white folks just because u want to look like them. They dont want it, to them its waste but to u its gold so they like that u love it and they will fool u to make u think its cool that u love it cos they want to keep getting ur money. But white folks wont wear it except when they want to clown, that is how much they wont wear ur own hair but on the flipside imagine how much u are dying to wear the hair of those that wont wear yours?
The few deep ones amongst them have stopped though and I love them for that.At least u sabi explain with common sense. U re welcome, does dat means wat is in my picture is all i use to do,am sorry to disappoint u dat i dnt fake. Rubbish!Anyway to my black ladies,There are products that can help maintain your natural hair.
Don't listen to the frustrated goons that want to demean you, that is what the blackie devils know how to do best from America down to Africa.

It would be nice if we all go natural, not because of these evil black men that talk with both sides of the mouth.
How embarrassing for you to come in here and tell us how much you hate the hair God gave you but turn around to whine when we tell you how pathetic and insecure you are. Keep giving excuses because thats all you have to argue with because you have no other reason to discontinue your white-worshipping. People wear clothes to cover their bodies not because their skin is ugly ,unlike this shameless black woman I am quoting who openly tells everybody how ugly her hair is and how much she hates herself.She hates herself so much she has to go buy fake hair to cover the beautiful hair that is unique which God has blessed her with. This is annoying and utterly disgusting.HAnother hair hatted hooligan!This is not about low self esteem, slavery or wateva. If yu say we don't like how God created us, then stop eatin cooked Beans since God created raw Beans. I'm not sure i agree with that statement, you feel relaxing your hair or using attachment is more convenient, ok i have no argument with that, but not saying it's better. I prefer seeing real hair (relaxed or not) to attachments, though i'm ok with dreads.So if you say in your opinion attachments are better, fine that's your opinion, i won't argue with that, but to say generally that they are better, guess what dear, in my opinion they're not better. It would be nice if we all go natural, not because of these evil black men that talk with both sides of the mouth.You call black men evil because they are advising their women to be natural and have self love?
This is not a matter of individual choice or rights or whatever because the black woman reproduces the black nation and since the portal through which we arrive earth remains faulty then the nation faces perpetual stagnation.
Obviously these self hating black women lack a moral conscience hence the failure of all moral appeal tendered. Wearing or using any of such products should be illegal and criminalized just like narcotic drugs since they are equally addictive and also pose a threat to the survival of the black race. The indo-european devil have taken control of their minds therefore we are in a state of war. All the same i agree that they are probably more convenient so it's a free world, you do whatever you wantthat's good. When was the last time you gave someone natural preferential treatment because of her hair? If you're in a relationship, i hope the person you're dating is natural, the way you're going on. Let us be honest with ourselves, the main reason why women use these attachments is not because of self esteem, it's because of men. The movies you see are mostly produced by men, how many producers would prefer a woman going natural to one with attachments or relaxed hair? So when i go into a relationship i try to show the self hating sista the light of self love and knowledge but unfortunately they always refuse to see and this inevitably leads to a break up.
Am advising our women to stop disgracing the black nation with their self hate and to learn to appreciate and love the way God made them. I dont tolerate evil.I've lived in naija all my life , funny enough my fiancee is natural, that said, if you're so particular about a natural sister, why not go for a natural and leave the non-natural ones alone, going into a relationship to change someone is not the best way to make the relationship work huh?
Tell me 2 black women of international influence with natural hair , and tell me the impact or even the effort they've made towards promoting natural hair Guy i cant sit and watch a bunch of self hating sistas display their stupidity to the world.
Regardless, what you are talking about are the negative behavioural symptoms exhibited by a group of mental slaves; male and female inclusive.
Look, both gender are victims of the false indoctrinatons of indo-europeans but for change to come it must begin with our women because they hold the keys to our mental chains and cell blocks.By self hating sisters, i take it you're talking about Nigerian ladies, because if you're talking about black ladies in general you're probably including people like CondolezzaRice and Michelle Obama.
Well if you think they are self hating too I guess I don't have anything else to say to you on that matter, your mind is pretty made upHere we go again. They engage in these self hating act because it makes them feel more 'sophisticated' and 'refined'.

They are ashamed of their natural hair for silly reasons best known to them so they seek recourse in wearing these nasty indo-european fake hair. Every adult, unless physicaly forced to do so, is responsible for their action; the cause of said action notwithstanding. Some guys commit all sorts of crime for money just to meet the materialistic demands of women. Would you now blame women for these crimes?going by your responses I would like to believe you don't sag your trousers, you don't smoke and you only drink in moderation if at all, you know something, no offense but judging by your comments you're a very principled person, however you also strike me as someone who isn't very patient. You cannot tell the world the way they should live, and just because so many people make their hair like the whites doesn't make them people with inferiority complex, you complain about their responses, guy if someone found fault with something you do you would be defensive too, that's just human nature and not a sign of a complex.
You want the women around you to go natural, my advice stick to your immediate family,, trying to change anyone else would be offensive to the person - especially in the manner you're going about itEntertainment is 90% business and 10% arts. The entertainment industry is just one of many economic sectors within society and it's run be every day folk like you and i who project their experiences and believes throughout society via media outlets. Peace to the gods of the earth.maybe in an ideal world that would be the case, unfortunately there's nothing ideal about this world, the boys that sag on the streets sag because some popular people sag, that is the reality of life I don't like it, you may not, but it's so. This will compelled us to really question the various abnormal normalities with our nation.
I would do a better job advising girls because I'm not coming from a place of frustration which the black man is eternally cursed with and for that reason chooses to attack black women at the drop of a hat. It is best you channel your vocal onslaught on better rewarding prospects like how you can take back Africa from the clutches of western forces. If black men had any iota of sense, you should be thinking of controlling the natural hair care market that is gaining precedence before impostors take over.
Black men have probably made more love songs for their women than any other race of people on the planet. Point of correction though, the struggle for the emancipation and self determination of our nation is a burden that must be bore equally by the black male and female. This is forgotten ancient wisdom that have being preserved through time in myths, folklore and religion. Go and study the kemetic(egyptian) doctrines of asur(osiris), aset(isis) and heru(horus) the true trinity. Also analyse the madona and child doctrine of the church.You were right to say we should control the natural hair care market but you put the cart before the horse.
The mission now is to first win converts which would in turn be the market that can then be controlled. Nonetheless, even if i am lucky to meet one that still isnt a reason for me not to reach out to self hating sistas who are wondering lost in the global village of the indo-european.
The conscious black community is putting in work but our ememies will not air it because it will be against their interests.
You cannot tell the world the way they should live, and just because so many people make their hair like the whites doesn't make them people with inferiority complex,Their inferiority complex is connected with their reasoning behind those self hating acts and not the act itself. So you dont find it strange and alarming that almost every black female wears fake indo-european hair all the time? I bet you dont have a problem with pastors that are in every nook and crany of society trying to change everyone abi?

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