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David Dodart, President and CEO of Aires Distribution and I have been having ongoing conversations about how many CHEK Practitioners are availing themselves of their excellent EMF protection products. As you can imagine, being busy at the forefront of Holistic Health, owning an Institute that teaches Holistic Health worldwide, and being in front of thousands of people a year, I constantly have people sending me things to test in hopes of getting my support.
So far, there have been very few EMF protection devices that I felt were functional enough to really support, until just recently. The Aires Defender Infinity product you see in my right hand allows you to capture any and all negative EMF frequencies in your area, and it converts them into a holographic waveform, creating a protective, bio-friendly field with a six foot radius from the Aires Defender Infinity. As you know, there is much being written and discussed about the harmful effects of EMF radiation, especially with regards to children. I used the Aires Defender Infinity on my body during travel to downunder and know that I am better for it.
I’ve been in contact with David Dodart, CEO and President and he is willing to give my students and clients a 10% discount on products. I hope you enjoy your new EMF protection, calmness, and enhanced mental clarity and creativity as much as I do. Aires Shield For EMF ProtectionItem # 78623$49.95ENJOY 10% off + FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $229.
Results of many tests showed that the Aires Shield, a neutralizer of harmful radiation, reduces the electric intensity and the negative influence of a cell phone on an individual by a factor of 3. The Shield Extreme (smaller image on the right at top) includes a more powerful microprocessor and an improved resonator antenna.Directions For UseIn order to use the Aires Shield neutralizer of harmful radiation, you should carefully locate the installation place on the surface of the electric device.

The Shield can be used as long as the adhesive layer is not separated and the microprocessor does not sustain physical damage.
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Your purchase greatly assists SourcePoint Global Outreach, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This gentle yet highly effective EMF protection technology has taken the best part of 25 years to develop and over two million dollars to refine the devices into their present form and function.
Aires Technologies products are available for all types of personal electronic devices, big and small. All I can say after having tested these products is that if you want REAL PROTECTION, these products are THE REAL DEAL! It looks as though the links to the products on here are to the manufacture’s site with different pricing than the email and phone number you provided which is to a distribution company. The adhesive layer has a high quality of adhesion; an attempt to relocate the neutralizer to another place of the electric device can lead to a damage of the layer’s integrity. Providing teachings of compassion and nonviolence to men and women in prison throughout the United States, as well as solar powered flashlights to villages without electricity in developing countries.
Active EMF protection for living with exposure to smart meters, cell towers, and other forms of modern wireless radiation.
For the first time ever, I can wear my iPhone without my right kidney buzzing like it’s in an electrical field, and without my whole body feeling stressed and progressively wound up.
The surface of the electric device must be flat, smooth, and clean.Carefully remove the layer of protective paper from the neutralizer and stick it to the surface of the electric device.

Where our members rate each post as clean and likeable, and through the collective opinion of our members, provide the best options on living a clean lifestyle and eliminating the time and money experienced through trial and error.Collectively, Clean Living Network will continuously strive to influence all stakeholders to make this clean lifestyle more accessible and achievable. Overall, it still comes out a bit cheaper ordering from the distribution company with discount.
Thanks Paul for the information you put out on your blogs, I’ve had some success with keeping away electronics at night and having better sleep.
Aires Shield decomposes oscillations of electromagnetic fields of any types into harmless components.Aires Shield is a neutralizer of harmful radiation, which functions by correcting natural and techno anomalies of electro-magnetic background of different field structures.
The device is manufactured by high-precision micro lithographic equipment.The main element of the Aires Shield is a special ring type fractal diffraction lattice (FDL). FDL represents the universal spatial-wave Fourier analyzer that is capable of differentiating across a wide spectrum of frequencies and electromagnetic field oscillations of any type (background, technological, biological). It works by decomposing them into the harmonious components and transforming them into a more coherent state.As a result of interaction with the FDL by means of direct and counter Fourier transformation, the electromagnetic field is restructured.
The electromagnetic radiation is differentiated into harmonic components without losing its informational richness.
Moreover, its characteristics are ordered and the peaks of inductive activity along with the casual emissions are suppressed.

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